No Name – 8 Months

No name is right. I went out to breakfast the other day with a dear friend and on the menu was a dish called “no name”. Really? We can be so not creative and get away with it? Nay and be great at it? Alright, I’m trying it out. This post has no name. Name it not. Read it. That’s the name of the game.

Auntie Bre & Gus

We spent an entire week in LA visiting with Bre and Luke, and Gus-gus of course. Avery loves puppies and Gus was very sweet with her. There was only an occasional raising of the gussy eyebrow when an Avery toy would squeak like a Gussy toy. Not allowed on his watch.

After Avery went to bed each night he figured that it was his turn to play and he’d get out all of his slobbered on toys. I much prefer munchky slobber to Gus-gus slobber. Avery isn’t partial to any kind of slobber as far as I know. Pretty sure that as long as it’s all over everything we’re golden. And Gus is pretty good at that.

Thank you family for the hospitality. See you again in Jan!

Baby’s First Christmas

This Santa (eh-hem, I mean THE Santa) at The Forum in Carlsbad was the real deal. I’m talk’n super autentico. Literally, there was some sort of magical something about this Santa. Avery was far more interested in the decorations than in the man with the big red suit. Which later we come to find out later that daddy’s work supplied the decor. I’m sure the elves were just so busy they needed Pacific events to help out.

And who doesn’t love dolphins above your head in the middle of a Christmas picture? Hello, priceless!

Bath Time Jungle Gym

No matter how tired and sleepy and cranky or calm or whatever mood this pa-tooter is in, the bath time brings out her inner jungle gym. Yes, no wall is too tall to scale, no shampoo bottle is too far to reach, no ducky is too floaty to dunk. No one is safe. She is developing quite the set of gross motor skills. She actually pulled herself up to standing for the first time in this picture. There is no look’n back now.

See all of our videos on our YouTube Channel here.

The Cousins

What a cutie pair of cousin friends. The dialogue I imagine going on in their heads just before this picture is this:

Avery – “Livy! I love you. I love your toys. Oooh, camera! Smile!”

Livy – “Um, could somebody tell me what is going on? Did someone say toys?”

You have your own caption? I say share. Comment them!

Uncle Lukie

Aves and Uncle Lukie got a chance to get their kick back and chill groove on. How could they not? They have such similar daily routines. They wake up, work really hard at playing, eat a hearty, healthy meal or two and take naps in the afternoon. Perfect!

Luke is still working on stretching out his “I’m a new uncle muscles”. In particular those of the lower your voice and non-door slamming variety. No biggy. Took daddy a few whiles to stretch his out too and now he’s a pro.

Auntie Natalie

What a sweet visit from Auntie Natalie and Kevin before Christmas. Auntie Natalie has always been WAY more into Christmas than I have. Hmm, I wonder why?

The name Natalie is derived from the Latin “Dies Natalis”, meaning “Natal Day” or “birthday” in reference to the birth of Christ and was traditionally given to girls born around Christmas. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyhoo, Avery loved her new toys and maybe even loved them as much as the wrapping that they came in. “Oh boy! Boxes!”

Buon Natale 2011 to everyone!

High Tech

Avery prefers skype and phone calls where she can send daddy kisses through the phone by slobbering all over it.

Moties (tv remote controls) are favorite toy numero uno. She has three of them now. Add that to her new cell phone and DJ music table station thingy and I’d say she’s on the high tech highway. Vroom vroom.

The Walton Clan – a La Purple & Grey

We are quite the color coordinated family – purple and grey all around. But seriously, I could use some more clothes. I am wearing the same three things in every picture. Help!

I also have to go out of my way not to wear the same colors that Avery is wearing. Several times, just as I am about to walk out of the house , I have noticed that we are dressed like twins. Either the same matchy-matchy colors or some other ens amble that is just a tad bit too coordinated.

Relax’n in da Tub

Nicknames are back. Did you miss ’em?

– The Muchker

– Binks

– Mooey

– Agoogers

– Monkey Moo

– Booder Bean


2011 Prelude: Before jumping into this delinquent blog post, I share.

As the most amazing year of my life nears an end I can’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. Weird for me, I know, but bear with me. The tears are just from fear of the unknown rearing up only for a moment before being absolved by shear amazement that what I am living today once only existed as images in my mind. Images in my mind, really? Ha! I can do that with my eyes closed, so there!  Here’s to another year of an amazing, blissful and otherwise extraordinary existence. A gazillion thank yous and a gazillion best wishes. Amen 2012! 🙂

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Bonus points to those who comment about the title. Avery’s seventh month of life kicked off a new trend… movement! Yup, we’ve moved into our new home and we are loving it! We also moved Avery’s diet from the nectar of the gods liquid variety to also include some baby food of the pureed variety, mainly squash. Aves threatens to crawl and walk around, but we are not yet breaking a sweat chasing that kind of movement. She does bust a mean army crawl, I must say.

Smiles with Mommy

Have I said this before yet? How did I end up with a red haired, blue eyed baby? Don’t get me wrong, I had just never really imagined it. I have run through in my mind a few biology classes about genetics and dominant genes andblsh blah blah chances of two brown eyed people having a blue eyed baby. Regardless of the science behind it all, I’m still a little taken a back by it. That’s all.


Great Grandma Glo is the ultimate 3g. Avery is kick’n back with her while she chows down on one of her most favorite toys of all time. The very economical and easy to find empty plastic water bottle. Cap on of course.  I use the term “chow” loosely as we’ve got no signs of any teeth popp’n out any time soon. It’s more of a “gumm’n” down business.


This was at our second Thanksgiving dinner. It had been quite a while since our last dinner at Bill and Lori’s. Oh man, did I ever tell you about that good stretch of about a year where Adam and Bill and Lori and I would go out to dinner every other night? Or if there was a game on we’d record it  eat some Mad Fish. For sure  Adam would yell at Bill for fast forwarding through the free throws. I would usually fall asleep at the foot of the bed curled up like I was doing an Annie impression except I was really curled up and not drooling with all fours dangling in the air.

We also had a great Thanksgiving dinner at cousin Jet’s and Kennedy’s house. Avery has so much fun playing with her big cousins. Definitely thankful for all the opportunities we have to be thankful.

Mad Fish, by the way, is the name that Bill decided to give the Thai restaurant in Hillcrest that is actually called Amarin Thai. Don’t order higher than a spicy 6 or you may cry through your meal.

The Dolphin Smile

I think Adam and Susie started calling this smile the dolphin smile because she has no teeth and looks like a dolphin. I can roll with that.

Ok, nope. This just in. The dolphin smile is “a really wide, tight lip smile from ear to ear. Not exactly like this picture, but now I know. Now we all know.

Cutie Pie

This is one of my favorite pictures. Avery had always liked to keep her legs locked and preferred to rest her knees and not bend them for whatever reason. She never really started to try and stand while holding on to something until the few days around the time that this picture was taken. She just looks so darn cute.

Like. As in I like this pic.

Cuddles with Daddy

Daddy and Avery are  a couple of cuddle bugs. I use the term cuddle loosely. Getting thrown up in the air and coming back down for a kiss or two is not really my idea of cuddles, but they make it work. Avery also likes to cuddle up to a full bottle. And don’t get in her way.

Sport’n the ‘Stache

We busted out of the normal nursing stuff and tried out all this food that everyone seemed so interested in. Yes, Avery had her first spoonful of food. Its was carrots.

We later tried some squash and now zucchini is her all time favorite. And to be more specific, squash is the “gulp it up and eat it all and ask for” kind of favorite. Yummers!

Uncle Nate

Lots of people say that Avery has some elf like qualities although I prefer the term pixie. Well, way back when we were looking for a name for the baby, I came across Avery in the boys name list. Looking at the meaning of the name I was a little surprised, but then I though, nah, I’ll just not tell anyone what the meaning of the name is. Well, I lie. Avery originates from Old English and means King of Elves, Elf Ruler or Magical Counsel. Go figure.

In 2010 Avery was the 23rd most popular name according to the office of social security. I hope that she gets to go by something cooler than “Avery W.” when she gets to school and there are 8 other Averys in her class. And what if there is another Avery W., then what happens?

The year that Uncle Nathan was born, his name was the 36th most popular name in the US. Whitecloud on the other hand was not in the top 1000 in the last, well ever. Never has it made the list.

Check out your name on the SS site. It’s is pretty easy to use.

I Love Toys

Yes, I do. I love to get all my toys out of the basket and into my mouth. I especially love to slobber on them and make sure they get spread out all over the place. Oh, and did I mention that I love to put them in my mouth? I’m so good at that now. Sometimes I even wave them around, but that’s my newest trick.

See all our videos on our YouTube Channel here.

First Snooze in my New Room

The first time we hung out in the house, before any furniture had been moved in, Avery tried very steadily to pick up the carpet with her little pointer finger. She was quite amazed as she hadn’t really ever spent much time on carpet in a big empty room. This picture really is the first nap in her new room. Adam was so in love with this picture he said that we should make it the cover of our photo album. I smell a whiff nostalgia in the making.

One equinox to another,  15,778,463 seconds, an Avery baby, it’s all the same… six months old! How’s things after half a year of babyness in the Walton abode, you may ask? My answer is either “awesome possum” or “pretty rock-star”. Ya know, but you can take your pick of the two cause it’s really 6 of one or a half dozen of the other to me.

Happy Halloween!

Avery was a monkey for daddy’s birthday, aka Halloween. I think I had bought the costume something like 3 months prior and we couldn’t stop talking about how cute she was going to look in her monkey suit. She did. She only had it on for a total of about 10 minutes cause she was pretty toasty sweaty in that thing. Plenty of time to snap some good pics.

Yummy in the Tummy

I happen to come equipped with my own sort of bottle and don’t get to partake in the bottle feeding fun like daddy and others, but the stories go that pretty much the only time that Avery will get upset and cry is when her bottle 1. isn’t ready right now and 2. is empty prior to a serious 5 ounce guzzle. As you can see in the picture, Daddy has become pro at the munchky routine.

Eat, sleep, poop, play, walk and then repeat. Pro I tell ya, pro.

Happy Girls

Avery and I get to hang out all day on Saturday and Sunday and because my job has some flexibility, we get to play at lunch on the days that I can work from home. I love every minute of it and find that goodbyes on Monday morning are the toughest. Nothing but thankful for all the time I get to soak up with her. What a blessing.

Sink Baffie

Who wouldn’t love a sink baffie? I mean, how much more fun could a bath be than one right next to the clean dishes in the sink? It makes for quick and easy eating, bathing and dish washing in one swoop.

Avery is a bit too big for her baby bath tub, but that doesn’t stop her for a good ol’ splish splash in the sink. Her favorite thing to do in the bath is gnaw on the sides of the tub. It looks tasty I guess. Only once or twice has she given herself a good face first dunk in the water which is usually followed by two minutes of not so fun, let’s call it “regrouping”. What a munchkaroo!

Daddy Walks

Does he ever! A self proclaimed specialty, daddy walks his baby ’round and ’round the yard, sometimes an hour at a time. Avery is usually peep free as long as daddy’s feet keep on a steppn’.

This isn’t anything new. Since she was just weeks old, Adam used to walk laps around the couch to put her to sleep. I’m surprised there isn’t one of those burnt in blazed-trail type of wear on the floor from all those walkies. Well, the landscape outside is definitely more interesting now that she is older anyway. And with this cooler weather, dad has had plenty of practice dressing little miss Aves in all sorts of fashionable layers.

Monkey’s Nanner

Duh! Monkeys love nanners, everyone knows that. Avery doesn’t know yet if she loves nanners, but she’ll find out soon enough. She has only just started eating pureed vegetables like pees and carrots, but something tells me that she is a bit underwhelmed and is waiting for a full plate of steak and taters with salad, soup, bread and all the works. Kinda like the plate fulls that Annie (the dog) used to get at Grandpa Bill’s table. Little by little we’ll get there and I’m sure this little eater will be right at home in the kitchen.

Sleepy Angel

I hope that forever and ever Avery is followed and protected and loved by angels. I swear that even before she was born, it felt like a stadium full of angels were just waiting for her arrival. And I mean a real stadium folks, like standing room only, everyone wanting to get in to see the great event…. a stadium of angels. Sheesh, now that I think about it though, wouldn’t it be cool if we all lived like we had a stadium of angels watching over us?


The munchkin is getting much better at sitting up all by herself. She will have a tumble here and there, but she’s getting pretty good at it. It seems though like ever since she was born she prefers to have her legs straight and sitting her down sometimes can be a little tough. It’s like she’ll straight-leg ya kinda the same way she’ll give ya a good straight arm. All month she has been rolling and tossing and turning and wiggling her way around getting stronger everyday.

All the munchkerrific videos are on our YouTube Channel for you to see anytime.

Pumpkin Depot

This picture is actually taken outside the entrance to Home Depot. Classy, I know. That’s how we roll. Anyhoo, the house is coming along nicely and is really becoming to look like our home. The last big detail before we can move in is carpet installation which should be coming up here soon. Looks like we’ll be in for the holidays. Yay! Again, we’ll keep you posted on the progress. Or you may just hear a big sigh from anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Encinitas. Don’t worry, that’s just me, relieved that we’ve finally arrived home.

Torrey Pines

Following up from last month and grand-parental memories, Adam shares some of his memories of his grand parents.

Grandma Glo is Bill’s mom. Adam says that she is the best cook in the whole world. His favorite is shipwreck. For all those, like me who have no idea what that is, worry not. You need not beg for the definition. This dish is potatoes, carrots, onions and pot roast baked for like 12 hours. The first time I ever met Grandma Glo was at Thanksgiving 2005 and the first thing she said when we walked in the door at Uncle Bruce’s house was “Adam, so good to see you. I made your favorite. It’s in the kitchen.” It is pretty dang yummy. Adam also said that no matter where he’d go in San Diego, people wanted to know if he was Glo’s grandson because she used to read to them at the library. As a librarian Grandma Glo read to Adam a bunch. Now Grandma Glo is known as the storybook grandma to her greatgrandbaby girls. Avery is definitely adding books from GGG to her collection. Lastly, Adam tells a great story about the times as kids that he and his brothers would run all over the house with the yarn that she knits with and “tie up her house” and call it spider webs. I’ve heard that they’d get pretty tangled up. I can only imagine the sight.

Grandpa Ted is Bill’s dad. Avery and I never had the pleasure of meeting Grandpa Ted, but when asked to tell us about him for the blog Adam simply puts it like this: “He was really nice. He was always fun to hang out with and everyone liked Grandpa Ted. He was fun to go on vacations with because he knew everything about everything.”  He goes on to say that going camping and hiking with him was so fun as they went all the time from about the time he was 5 until 15 or so.  He also thought as a kid that it was pretty funny that Grandpa Ted would dig up piles of dirt in his backyard and back-fill them with better dirt. There would always be a great big pile of dirt on the front lawn. I can only imagine the kind of muddy, dusty, sandy, dirty fun it would have been playing in a pile of dirt all day. When asked about Grandpa Ted’s family Adam mentions the fountain at Balboa Park and how he always remembers loving that fountain because his great uncle designed it.

Susie’s dad, John Guth – Adam and Avery and I never got a chance to meet Grandpa John in person, but Adam remembers knowing that he was from Minnesota and had lots of kids and was married to Grandma Tutu.

Grandma Tutu, Susie’s mom –  She was really nice and fun to hang out with and she drank a ton of vodka. Adam continues to say that she always had funny stories to tell, everyone loved grandma tutu and he never met one person who didn’t like her. She was just that way all the time. She was a perfect grandma. Personally, I love the picture of Grandma Tutu that Susie has at her house. She is dressed up like a Hawaiian dancer with grass skirt and all.

Much love to the great grandparents. We know you love us and for those who can’t be with us today, we know you are watching over us.

Cutie Smiler Big Eyed Lovey Girl

Really, how did I get such a happy baby? I mean, seriously. I know that I am a momma and I could brag and yadda yadda about how great my kiddo is, but the word on the street speaks for me. This girl is one happy baby.

Pretty sure that she is catching on to this whole picture taking stuff too. She loves to see pictures of herself! She also very much loves to laugh at silly faces, peek-a-boo, tickles of the rib and thigh region as well as her best friend Elwood the dog. Very comical all of it.

And another thing, now that I am coming to the end of this blog post, where in the heck did those blue eyes come from? B-e-a-uuuu-tiful. Red hair, blue eyed, smiley girl! Who’d ever a thunk it?!  Ok, ya’ll. Go on now and talk amongst yourselves. This blog is done! rrrr… no, wait. One more.

One More for the Birds

Me fifth element – supreme being. Me protect you.

Get out your favorite cup of joe everyone. This overdue post is a scroller.

Bottom Lip

Avery has discovered her bottom lip. Yeah, it’s fairly entertaining and worth sucking when her toes and fingers are otherwise ocupado. However, should she forget about her bottom lip’s proximity to the coveted mouth-place-where-everything-goes, she is not without other means of entertainment. Oh, yes. There are other items just oozing with open-mouth-and-insert-here appeal. Aside from the obvious and rather accessible toes, fingers, shirt and binky, the latest and greatest for the toothless chomper is the sock. Oh yes, the sock is great for a keep me happy for the car ride to Grammy’s, but I’m not a fan when it comes to keeping the tootsies warm. A chilly, freshly drenched, drool sock is less than ideal for toasty toes if ya know what I mean.

Farmer’s Market

Here is a rant that has less to do with the munckin, and more to do with indulging the secret foodie in me. You must in your life splurge on something that would make your grandparents faint because of the amount of dough you dropped for it. Or if they don’t faint, they would at the very least divvy out a mighty scoff. I mean we’ve all heard our grandparents say, “when I was a kid I could get a soda pop and a loaf of bread at the five and dime for 2 cents.” or some derivative thereof.

Well, I can’t remember the last time that I paid for something with less than a nickel’s worth of change, but I withhold my scoff until my grandparenting days.  Let’s continue, shall we?  I divulge to you, my loyal readers. I paid $2 dollars for a cookie at the farmer’s market. That’s right, a cookie, as in single, uno, solitary, one less than two and one more than zero. Just one cookie.

And I have to say, I loved every single bite. It was worth it. It was incredibly scrumptious. Think about what a cookie would have to taste like to be worth $2. I mean really, think about it. Make a list of what it would take. I didn’t know it was possible. And this wasn’t some over-sized, BJ’s Pizookie cookie either. One, normal serving size kind of cookie.

At first I wondered how the guy stayed in business. Yes, I scoffed at the sign even without the grandparent rights. “Two dollars for a cookie, are you kidding me?” Oh, but there were samples. One bite and I was sold.  Did Tinkerbell sprinkle some magic fairy dust in this cookie or what?!? I couldn’t wait to pull out my George Washingtons and scarf – nay, devour – my purchase. See or taste for yourself at the official website for Chef Betsy and her gluten free deserts at www.chefbetsyg.com.

Chef Bety’s deserts are just some of the many, many yummy things you can find at the farmer’s market every Sunday in Leucadia. My other noteworthy purchase was a bottle of sparkling grape juice from Australia. Yup, the same grapes used to make wine, just NOT fermented. Yummers!

Rant complete – back to the munchkin at the market. I have to point out that our cousins Amil and Sarah have all four of their kiddos huddled around and romping in the stroller. Let’s hear it for the super parents! Yes, 1, 2, 3, and number 4 is under the blanket snoozing away. Also in these super parents arsenal of family fun are cookies. Yes, the lovely Ms. Sarah Wood (with all her spare time) also makes some yummmmer in the tummer cookies.

Who are all these peeps who stroll through the Leucadia Farmer’s Market (aka Sunday Social Hour – shouldn’t ya’ll be at church or something)? From left to right: Grammy Suz, Cousin Jen, Avery baby, Pam Dunn (she married us), Me, Bobbi-Jo, Sarah, Dylan (aka Juju), Amil, Sue, and Gavin and Benjamin are in the stroller with the newest little Ryan (Ry-Guy).

Big Eyes

If you haven’t seen The Fifth Element, I’m so sorry for you. Hands down one of the best movies of all times. I’ve sprinkled throughout this post a few quotes from the movie. I have memorized it. Now, I don’t really have a secret desire to indulge the movie critic in me quite like I do the foodie in me, so I’ll just leave you with this: Watch The Fifth Element, and then watch it again and again and again. It just keeps getting better. You too may wonder each time, “Why is Luke Perry in the opening scene?” Watch it.

Such a Fashionista

Most of these pictures are of Avery in pink clothes. I didn’t think I would ever want to dress up my little girl in pink clothes, but my goodness, she looks so darn cute in pink. Purple is nice too, but there is some “je no ce qua” about Avery in pink.This little ditty is one of her latest and greatest. Now, if I could only get the clothes to fit her for longer than a couple of weeks we’d be rock’n and roll’n.

Korben Dallas: What’s your name?
Leeloo: Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat.
Korben Dallas: Good. That… that whole thing’s your name, huh? Do you have, uh… a shorter name?
Leeloo: Leeloo.

First Ride in the Cart

Not too much to say about this adorable little pic except that it’s a lot easier to go into a store and pick up a few things now that my child can A. hold up her own head and B. sit up in a cart. Yay!  Also to be said in this blurb, another Fifth Element Quote:

Police: Are you classified as human?
Korben Dallas: Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

I feel like a meat popsicle sometimes in those super markets. Sheesh. It’s just the food that needs to be refrigerated. Not the people in the store. And, how about that blackout, huh? Stores throughout the whole southwest had to through out all their food due to the outage. Yikes.

The Sitters

President Lindberg: Mrs. Dallas, this is the President. On behalf of the federation, I would like to thank you…

Now that Grammy-T is back to work, Avery had to fill a recurring weekly opening in her take-care-of-me-I’m-so-cute-and-mommy-and-daddy-are-at-work calendar. Thank you to Bobbi-Jo for taking the munchkin one day a week. Grammy-Suz still has her time-slot and other random visits to relieve Adam Daddy on one of his three days a week with the baby. Sincerely, I thank you so much! Or as Leeloo would say “Chik-en, good.”

Speaking of Mommy and Daddy going to work. I got a new jobby job. I started the last week of September and it’s been great. I knew that if I had to leave my baby-girl to go to work for 8-9 hours/day that it would have to be because I am tackling the absolutely best career possible. I owe that to myself and my family. That’s that. Low and behold after my resume had been up on monster for a couple of weeks I got a call from a recruiter, and the rest is sooooo five minutes ago.

Yep, better pay, better benefits, closer to home, less stressful, more opportunity, more scheduling flexibility, more career path opportunities, global connections, more resources, mentors and more learning. So, did I say the best opportunity possible? Please and thank you!

The Wood Boys

Welcome our newest little cuz, Ryan Kamalei Wood. Born on September 9, 2011. He is surrounded with all kinds of love. We’re so lucky to have you, welcome!

Speaking of September 9, 2011… Adam and I closed escrow on our home in Encinitas on the same day that Ryan came into the world. Coincidence? I think not! We are blessed.

So, hold your horses, we have not moved in yet. This little diamond in the rough is getting it’s due polishing. Construction is under way to update some of the original 1980’s features and all that jazz. Hoping, crossing my fingers, doing some wild rain dances in the backyard that we’ll get to move in by Halloween. We’ll see.

Mike Blackman, General Contractor Extraordinaire (aka Home Makeover Angel) is on it. THANK YOU MIKE! Everyone call him for your general contracting needs. You’ll thank me, I know it.


Did you celebrate Grandparent’s Day this last September? Well, we didn’t really celebrate it, but I want to take a minute (or 20) to share a little about my grandparents and Avery’s great grandparents. I must qualify the following; these are my memories of my grandparents, I did not verify their validity. I think though that our stories, as we remember and tell them are part of the magic in loving our elders, on and on.

Let’s start with my Dad’s parents. Ben and Pauline Callaway lived in a snowy place called Fraiser Park on the northern outskirts of Los Angeles. Grandpa loved his super spiffy model train set and always had some Smokey the Bear, Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires stuff as he worked for the department of forestry. I always marveled at the tattoos that lined his arms. The ink was so dark blueish greenish and looked like they had leaked into the wrinkles of his skin. He made me laugh so hard. All the time. He was so funny to my brother and I. He also was the only person I had ever seen talk back to my dad and live to see another day. Hilarious! Grandpa died shortly after I got home from college. I don’t ever remember telling him that I loved him. I love you grandpa.

Grandma Callaway has the most distinct voice. With one listen of her voice, my entire childhood memories of grandma and grandpa come rushing back.  She loves animals and at their house in the mountains they always had chickens and roosters and geese and puppies and all kinds of fun trouble for a kiddo like me to find. There was a creek out back that was cold, cold, cold but we loved to play in it. As I got older Grandma started painting and man she could whip up an awesome acrylic oil on canvas. Grandma lives up in Oregon now and I am so glad that I went up to see her to visit a couple Thanksgivings ago. She still has this oil lamp in her living room that I marveled at as a kid. I love you Grandma!

On to my mom’s parents, starting with Grandpa Dave. His name is really Henry Wise, which I was confused about why everyone called him Dave or David when his name is Henry. I also remember Grandpa Dave’s voice very well. He had a kitty named Miss Kitty that I loved to pet when we would go out to his house in New Mexico. Grandpa had a Mexican restaurant in town and man could he cook up a yummy dinner. Too bad I didn’t appreciate it as much when I was a kid, I was such a picky eater. Didn’t know what I was miss’n!  Me, like my mom, like my grandpa; we all learned spanish as a second language. We all have different accents though, ha! Later I found out that Grandpa likes to write poetry. I asked him to write a poem about being a grandparent, enjoy:

By Dave Wise
September 16, 2011

Ah, child of my child, newest of our precious crew,
How fine it is that at last I’ve met you.
I’m sure that time will help us grow closer together
And build great memories that will last forever.

You, of the angel-pixie smile, purpose of my quest,
Wonder shyly what I have for my guest.
Looking at you, my mind is flooded with advice.
I know, however, that it wouldn’t be worth a trice.

My hope for you is to live in a beautiful place,
Enjoy life as much as possible, bear odds with grace.
The feelings you’ll carry will be your real treasure.
The love, the hope, the pride we cannot measure.

And as time goes rushing on and you grow older,
You have kids, mortgages, and grow saner, not bolder.
Finally comes life’s acme – it’s quite apparent-
You, my dear child, have become a grand –parent.

Thank you Grandpa Dave. I love you.

Granny Ruth is my step-grandma married to Grandpa Dave. She is from Puerto Rico and is quite the energetic one. As a kid she always drove Jimmy and I all over the place, in that small town of Roswell. She introduced us to lots of people and told us lots of stories about our grandpa and what it was like in Puerto Rico. She always made sure that we would have a good time. She would teach us Spanish too. I love you Granny Ruth.

Mimi. Mom’s mom. We like to call her Mimi-Head. As a kid we would drive out to where she worked in Corona to have lunch and visit. Corona is out east of LA where all the cow farms are and I remember so well the stench each time we drove out there. Mimi loved to kiss all over us, give us sugars. She still tries if we get too close or sit still too long. I loved going for a ride in Mimi’s car because she had a cool Nissan Z. I actually had to lay down in the back and hide from cops as we drove along because I didn’t have a seat belt on. Shoot, I didn’t even have a seat! We would sing the “be-eye-by” song and laugh hysterically at the end when she’d say “doo, doo” or “poo, poo”. So funny to a five year old.  Ask me one day and I’ll sing it for you. I love you Mimi.

Adam has the same kind of memories of his grandparents, but I’m going to save those for next month’s post. Stay tuned!

A Charger Family – Go Bolts!

Sundays are back to some hardy football’n, good ol’ red zon’n action in our house. Adam said that Avery must be a Charger fan. He has so wholesomely dedicated his influential paternal powers to convert the munchky to a die-hard, chargers-for-life fan. I’m sure he won’t have a hard time, afterall, the outfits that go along with the gig are so freak’n cute! I’m on board, where’s the blue and gold Koolaid?



Avery has been called Little LT after the great Charger LaDainian Tomlinson for her straight arm abilities. You may not have yet had the pleasure to be the recipient of a munchky straight arm, but I must say, LT would be proud.

This little video is of the munchkin in her cheer-leading outfit demonstrating one of her favorite moves this month. Yes, the lovely toes in mouth and chorus line kick with the other leg. Love it!

Slobber Chin

Avery loves her some good story-time books. I just love watching how she is so interested in all the pages as we read through. Her fave is still “Let’s Go To The Beach”, but it’s getting a bit tattered from all the love. So next time you get a chance to visit, feel free to cuddle up and read Avery a book, she just loves it!

What else does she love this month, you ask?

Staring at people while they are eating.
Cooing, especially when she wakes up.
Arching her back to let you know she’s not happy.
Hair or beard pulling .
Sitting up in her bath all by herself and playing with ducky.
Nursing, stopping to smile, back to nursing, stop to smile, back to nursing.
Playing with anything BUT her toys while at a restaurant.

The Ab-Fab 4 Months

Wow, another month gone by and how about some change?! Avery is changing, of course growing like a weed (or better yet, like a rose). I am back to work full time AND we started escrow on a condo in Encinitas. Work, kiddo, house all a change’n.  I have to say though, the transition has been pretty good. Why? Well, I have an awesome family. Like a totally, awesomely rad family, ok? Like totally.

Bedtime Story With Dad

Let’s Go To The Beach is one of  The Munchky’s favorite books to read. Salty the dog and his dad venture out the beach, go sailing and have a good ol’ time. What’s not to like? I’ve memorized the book and I’m sure it won’t be the last one, like it or not. Avery likes to soak up a good story but I can’t tell if she likes to eat the book and strategically schmear slobber onto every page even more.

The Grammies

And the award goes to… Oh! We have a tie! A big, big thank you to both Gammy-Suz and Grammy-T for watching the munchkin while Adam and I went to work through the month of August. There is nothing else that can put a mom and dad at ease than knowing that their little one is being taken care of by someone who loves her very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thanks again!

We also had a special cameo appearance by the one and only Mimi, Avery’s great grandma. She spent the week sharing babysitting duties with Grammy-T (or should I say Grammy-T had double duty, not sure? At least there were only one set of diapers to be changed).

Don’t the cousins look so sweet? I love how Avery is rock’n a fresh, yet timeless, thumb-slobber look in this picture.

Silly Uncle Jimmy






Happy Girl – What’s New?

This laughing video still has me laughing. I just love it. The way it all started is this; I was getting her ready to take a bath and she let out a giant fart, no biggy, it’s cool. I couldn’t help but laugh and say “oh, my goodness”. She laughed at me so I kept on saying it. Ten minutes later she is still cracking herself up about it, so I just had to get out the video and record some of it. Later I showed her the video and she still thought as funny. Imagine, here I am laughing at her laughing at a video of herself laughing at me. “Pure JOY” as Auntie Gina says. I dare you to watch just once, it can’t be done!


ARW – Miss Laughs A Lot

See all our YouTube Videos at our channel.

Chill’n With The Saints

Grammy-Suz took Avery on a trip to Julian and came back with this hilarious picture. And let it be known, Avery can only stand the car for 40 minutes, max, and that includes napping time. All have been warned. Thank you. That is all.

She also got to take another ride out to visit with her Mimi and Aunt Yo-ey. Congrats to Mimi who no longer has to scream to hear herself. It was so nice to hear her speak so softly. It was almost a little weird, but I’m so glad that she can be in our conversations again without having to include the entire restaurant.

Silly Face

Avery has got on another silly face, what’s new? Add that to the list of other things she can do now! As of this month she is rolling over, sucking her thumb, slobbering all over, one little tooth is threatening to poke through, she is sucking on her toes, sitting up, reaching for stuff,  belly laughing and making new noises. She also thinks it’s pretty funny to splash in her baffie and use a straight-arm during tummy time. She loves to keep her legs straight at all times for optimum “standies”.

She used to love getting swaddled up in a burrito for naps and going to bed, but no longer! Now she’s roll’n all over her crib at night. I was worried that if she weren’t swaddled she would wake up by hitting herself in the head with her hands or finding her fingers to suck on, but that really hasn’t been the case. Such a silly-billy.

Toes For Toys

What more could you ask for than built in toys?
I mean really.




Everyone Is So Tall

That’s what happens when you are a Walton, 3 months old and only 25-27 inches tall. Ok, so here are our monthly nickname-a-roos. We’ve got them down to a few staples: The Munchky, Binks, Monkey, Shoogie, and A-vee.



Preppy Pants

I recently had what my former boss and friend Hope Baker calls “a day”. Maybe the worst day in recent history. Yeah, it all started with a tired, hungry and due-for-a-manicure Avery poked me in the eye while nursing. Then this awful sore throat took over and I couldn’t speak breathe or see for a whole day. On top of it all, Avery didn’t want to nurse so much because she had been loving the bottle. No bueno. My darling husband is quite the hero and without whom I may have easily been committed. He took good care of us and put up with my grumpiness (and that’s putting it nicely). Well, the storm passed. I got some encouraging words and advice from my friends and family and everything is all good.

Anyhoo, back to this adorable picture. By the time I was feeling better I decided to take Avery out of the house for the day, give dad a break and go to the Botanical Gardens (of which we are now members cause Avery SURE loves being outside in nature). But first we needed an outfit. Um hello… we can’t go out to nature without the right outfit, duh! I tried some clothes that had been too big to fit her and wah-la, what a cutie! Thank you to daddy for stepping in as photographer and Uncle Travis for providing the look 🙂

Munchky & Mama

What a month full of change. I am back at work and we are in escrow. Oh yeah, escrow. Let me tell you a little about that. So, this is a super cute 3 bedroom, 21/2 bath condo in the Village Park area of Encinitas. If you’re not familiar with the area, it is full of large green belts, playgrounds, pools, schools and TONS of families. Adam and I are so excited to plant some roots here.

We’ll be about 31/2 miles from the beach off Encinitas Blvd. The property backs up to an elementary school, which doubles the feeling of home for me because I also grew up in a home right by my school. Now, escrow hasn’t closed yet, so we’ll be sure to tell you when we get the keys and you can come by to visit.


I’d like to say a special congratulations to a few folks. First, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Martin who recently tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Mission Bay. Some of you may remember the then Christie Brennan, fabulous bridesmaid and amazing friend who got engaged while in Maui for our wedding last year. I’m so happy for them and love them both!

Secondly, congrats to our bro and sis, Christopher and Gina who are now proud owners of their own abode in Rancho Santa Margarita (say that 3 times fast). I’m sure Livy is going to love growing up there and playing in her new room. We’ve already seen footage!


I’ve added a new page to The Walton Family bloggity blog. It is dedicated to the fine professionals with whom we have had the pleasure of doing business. Actually, they are awesome peeps who I’d recommend to ANYONE, so I’ve given them their own page. Check it out!

Hi, we’re back! This month’s installment of everything Avery-Baby is full of cuteness and more cuteness, because you can never get enough cuteness. Go ahead, take a read through and if you like what you see leave us a *comment at the bottom of the page. I’m sure Avery will enjoy giving them a read through one day.  *Disclaimer – only cute comments will be accepted by the moderator. Non-cute comment makers need not waste their time.

Birth Certificate Party

This child is officially documented! Because Avery was born at home we missed out on the convenience of the hospital filing our paperwork with the state for us. We made a field trip out of this whole paperwork stuff though. Yup, we packed up the car and drove downtown to the county health office and met up with Andrea, our midwife. A few questions, signatures, ID’s and yadda yadda later, we were outta there with two copies of Cali’s finest swirly border adorned certificates (and yes, that is the technical term, what?!).

A few days later I took Avery to apply for her social security card and it dawned on me that, hell, I’m not even supposed to get any social security benefits by the time I retire thanks to whomever. What good is this number really going to be for Avery?

Beach Baby

Of course she’s a beach baby, who do you think her parents are? She didn’t get a pile of sand in her shorts or a mouthful of salt water yet. We’re saving that for later.




Tummy Time

Avery is getting stronger and much better at holding up that noggin of hers. This last month we practiced with lots of tummy time. She had been favoring her right side, often preferring to look over her right shoulder instead of straight ahead. When she sleeps, she tends to keep her head turned to the right, so much so, her little head (or not so little, depending on who you talk to) was getting flat on one side. I started taking Avery to see Dr. Bridget Chelf, D.C.  I met Dr. Chelf back during my babysitting RCB days. Oh and she’s goooooood. She got Avery loosened up and looking more easily to the left and that flat spot is just about all rounded out again. Yeah!

Bubble Lips

This month’s round of nicknames are greatly inspired by the previous month’s batch. Not to be confused with plain ol’ baby talk, nicknames on the contrary are taken fairly seriously in my family. Adam is known in many circles as “A-bones” and in even fewer circles and about 20 years ago, yours truly was known as “bug”.

Grandpa Callaway’s favorite for Avery is “Rose Bug”, but then again he is one of the select few in the “bug” circuit of nicknames joined only by his father who preferred the more silly “Tootie Bug” (Aunt Terri, you’ll have to correct me if I am wrong on that one).

  • THE Munchky
  • Binker Bo Binker
  • Bubble Lips
  • Slobber Face
  • My Loves
  • Cutie McCuter
  • Sugar Booger
  • Binky Miss Binks-a-lot
  • Miss Moo
  • Aaaaavery Baby

The Fantastic Four Great Granddaughters

Great Grandma Glo is blessed with the most adorable little great grand babies. Spearheading the group with more blond curls than you can shake a stick at is the sweet Juliet (aka Jet), age 3, and younger sis Kennedy, age 1. Third in line is the lovely and teething miss Olivia Marie, age 8 mos. And the sleeping, conked out child in 3G’s arms is our very own Avery Rose.

Thank you Julie Walton for throwing Uncle Bruce (aka Papa) such a nice birthday party. It was a great way to start out the month and hang out with friends and family.

World Cup Soccer Fan

Congrats to the US Woman’s National Soccer Team! This picture was taken during the “history-in-the-making” game of US vs Brazil. Auntie Natalie was beside herself, intently watching every pass, run, shot on goal and not to mention every dirty, good for nothing, plain ol’ poor sportsmanship trick Brazil could dish up. Avery on the other hand thought it was quite amusing, what a cutie smile. (Again, more cuteness.)

Seriously, an amazing world cup game! After the end-all-be-all of last second, buzzer beater scoring plays I told Adam that our next child was going to be named Abby and if its a boy; Wambach. We’ll call him Wamby for short.  If you missed the historic game and the ear shattering screams of victory seconds before all hope of a finals appearance was to be lost, then all I can say is ‘too bad about you’, really. Not cute.

Angel Bear Friend

Avery has about 50 angel bear friends thanks to some oh-so-cute baby shower decorations (thanks again Lori, aka Steppy). Some are carrying stars, some have hearts and others have their hands free. Some are large. Some are small. Some are in her crib to sing her to sleep. Others are in mommy’s purse for the occasional entertainment on the road.

Avery loves her angel bear friends. As of recent she has been staring at angel bear friend intently, pausing a moment and then face diving straight into him/her at an attempt to shove as much of bear friend in her mouth a possible. Again, (as uncle Jimmy’s facebook friend would say) cuteness overload.


She loves her some “standies”. You ain’t walk’n yet kid…. slow down this growing up stuff already! I love her so.

I am going to miss her dearly as August 1st marks the bitter-sweet return to work. Bitter of course because I love my munchky and want to spend all my time with her. Sweet because, hey, a sista’s gotta get paid! Our dream house ain’t buying itself if you know what I mean.



See all our Avery-riffic videos on our YouTube Channel.


Nap Time With Monkey

You guessed it, more cuteness. Avery loves her monkey-binky friend. She takes him everywhere the car seat goes. He comes in handy for naps, sucking, gumming, grabbing, shoving in mouth however possible, slobbering on and of course the oh-so-favorite nap time cuddles.  Cute , cute and more cute.


4th of July – Poolside with Daddy

Alright, now we’ve arrived at the height of cuteness. Avery can be seen here sporting the latest in summer trends with a striped terrycloth number perfect for poolside lounging, long walks on the beach and of course your favorite 4th of July shindig ( shindig sidenote – thank you Kris Avram and Auntie Natalie for having us over for an amazing view of the fireworks shows.) The darling white headpiece is both fashionable and practical as it nicely ties the ans amble together all while keeping your noodle safe from the rays of the sun. Daddy of course is sporting the oh-so-walton, yet modest, birthday suit – not recommended for mixed company.

Another month has gone singing by and Avery and the Walton family have been enjoying every minute of it. Well, maybe except for the bat that came flying around in our bedroom the other night. Crafty little buggers they are! This month’s post on all things Avery is complete with tattoos, favorite nicknames, family outings and more. Might I suggest you read through with a cool frosty beverage in one hand and mouse in the other?


Daddy’s New Tattoo

Daddy's Tattoo“Uh yeah, I’m going to be a little late coming home from work, so I just wanted to call and let you know”. This is how our phone conversation started, quite nonchalant and nothing really special sounding. Could it be that they are busy at work and he has to stay late? Could it be that he needed to give a friend a ride home after work? Anything somewhat normal happening after work? Nope! “I’m getting a tattoo”. Not something you hear everyday, so it was only after I recovered from the shock that was I excited about seeing the final product.

The rose of course is for Avery Rose with Avery’s initial at the top and her cousin’s initial “O” at the stem for Olivia. It’s such an awesome tat, but it begs the question… what about all the yet to be born kiddos? Auntie Bre threatens 10 kids just to fill up his arm. J Wessell says that Adam should just hit the gym and get super yolked to make room. I’m down! Spoken like a true first born, Adam explains it very clearly “Just the first two girls go on this arm”. Clearly, because that makes sense… or not.  The plan is to later take the girls into the shop so they can watch dad/uncle get their entire names etched out in ink. Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Uncles & Nieces

Uncles and NiecesFamily is really what it’s all about. In this picture Adam is holding little Olivia and Chris is holding our little Avery.

For father’s day Avery got her daddy one of his favorite presents; a Best Buy gift card. How’d she know?

Congrats to the two new daddies. I hope your first-ever father’s day was something special.

‘ssage ‘n baffies

Short for “massage and bath time”, this is one of Avery’s favorite daily events! We took an infant massage class with our midwife, Andrea and three other very nice mommies and their babies.

We got together once a week for three weeks and learned massage-y steps and chit chatted and visited. It was a nice time and Avery sure loved the massage part. Visiting with her friends wasn’t as exciting for her yet as it was for me.

It’s so cute because no matter how fussy Avery may be, when she knows a massage is coming up she gets smiley. Who wouldn’t!?! I’d love to take a soak and get a massage every night too!

Aloha Nui Loa

Hawaii is on the brain! It was about this time last year that Adam and I were getting all jazzed up and ready for the big trip to Maui to get married.

Now summer is here again and we have yet to buy our next set of tickets to Maui land. It’s coming soon, don’t fret. This going to Maui business is a yearly family tradition.

Studying Uncle Jimmy

We visited many a family member this month. In fact we ventured out in the car on longer drives than I thought Avery would be up for. Although she is not a fan of the car seat, once she hears those wheels a roll’n on the freeway, she’s out like a light.

We drove out to see Mimi and Nani in Moreno Valley and also Grandpa Callaway up in Orange County for Father’s Day. Also, spent one day with grandma Suz watching cousin Livy and of course we ventured out to see Uncle Jimmy and Grandma Mom Mom for dinner one night too.


This month Avery has discovered her hands and yes, how yummy they are! She’s also getting a lot stronger, starting to hold her head up and practicing her tummy time every day is helping.  She is cooing too which is so cool because her little voice is so cute. “Ahgoo” is her fav.

What else? Oh, yeah, because every parent talks about their child’s bowel movements and far be it from me to skip out on the fun, Avery is a weekly pooper. Yup, pretty much Wednesdays are the big production.

Aside from Avery pooper fun, how great it is to have a summer this year that is actually warm and sunny? Seemed like last year never really got very warm or sunny. All I can say is “bring on the sunscreen”!


Dreamy Smiles

One of the many stages of Avery’s falling asleep routine includes a sleepy smile. Yup, just as she first fades away into sleepyville she’ll get to smile’n. Sometimes she even shows her gums. I happened to be pointing my camera at her as she was falling asleep and caught one on film. Yeah, I know. I am totally a first time mom ready at the drop of a dirty diaper to capture a kodak moment.

This video of kodak moments is one of my favorites of  Avery at just 5 1/2 weeks old. Between her smiles and big eye balls, it seems like she is really having a conversation with me. For all our other Avery video moments check out our YouTube Channel.

Nap Time With Grandma Suz

I think the picture says it all… what a couple of sacks ‘a potatoes!




Family Night Out – Music and Dinner in Carlsbad

We had a great first dinner out as a family at the Coyote Bar & Grill in Carlsbad Village. They have live music and fire pits outside. We met up with a bunch of friends and chowed down on some great fajitas. Between Auntie Phyllis, Bobbi Cecio, Jennifer Blackman, Jen Sanders, Julie and Susie, we didn’t have to worry about eating in shifts or scarfing down a cold plate of dinner. Good times!

All Smiles

What a face! No matter what face little miss Avery is making, it seems like I’ve got all kinds of nicknames to call her. Some of my favorites this month:

  • Bunches of Munchkins
  • Munchky Roo
  • Snooze-a-rooky
  • Testy McFussbuckets
  • Avery Jones Bones
  • Bubble Lips
  • Avery Pantalones
  • Aves
  • Squeaker McSqueaksalot