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So as it turns out, I like people. Yup, I even like them in my house, laughing, eating… conversating, the whole nine yards. I kid, I kid. But really, there was a time when my oldest was a baby that I was fairly isolated from people and I realized that I really do like people. Being on maternity leave now with my son, I again craved some additional adult-non-mommy time. Hence, the Favorite Things party. I had seen this on Pinterest and tucked it away in my head as an idea that I’d like to do someday and then…. that day arrived and it was a blast.

I read up on other blogs about how to host a Favorite Things party and I’m pretty thankful as it went really smoothly and everyone had a great time and couldn’t wait to do it again. We might just make it a regular event, it was so fun. It was like Christmas, but better.


I was inspired by the Evite invitation design that I emailed out for the party – Yellow! Here’s the note I included:

Come by and eat, drink, laugh and have a good time. Wondering what a favorite things party is? All ya gotta do is think of ONE favorite thing of yours that is in the $10-$15 price range. Buy three of them, wrap them individually and bring them with you. It’s that simple and you’ll get to go home with three new favorite things.


Gift Bags

For guests to take home their loot. If you’re interested in the docs I used to make the tags, here ya go Favorite Things Label




Food, Flowers and Wine

And lots of it! I also had some scrumptious artisan pizza brought in from Pandora’s pizza – gluten free friendly and very tasty!



I also had a set of Table Topics (above) to stir up conversation especially because I had read the they made the Oprah’s Favorite Things list… but we never ended up needing them. Also in this picture are some chalkboard wine glasses. I searched all over the internet for them and found the best deal at Pier One. They are also on my favorites list. It makes it so easy for people to find their glass.


And lots of favorite things – well, this picture was taken early and I never got around to taking a picture of the table loaded with our favorite things. Whoops, I guess just another reason to throw another one. The picture above shows the favorite thing gift that I gave – a cell phone charger station. A nice little pocket to keep my phone and cord all neat and tidy. Get your own cell phone charger station here on Etsy.


Giving Our Gifts

I went with 3 things in the $10-$15 range which seemed to be a great fit for our crowd. Ahead of time I printed up names of all the guests (here is the doc I used to make the name labels: Name Label), sorted them out into four piles with each persons name in each of the piles. Well, then I actually mixed up three of the four piles into one pile. Then I pulled three unique names from the big pile and grouped them with one of the names from the small pile making sure that there were no duplicates of names. I folded the name from the small pile as this would be the name of the person who would give their gifts. The three other names would be the recipients. I repeated this until all of the names were grouped and I put the groups into their own small envelope. I then put one envelope in each of the gift bags.

When it was time to start the game, I handed a gift bag to each guest. Then we went around the room and each person would pull out their envelope and give the three unfolded names to the person whose name was folded. After a couple of people went through the motions everyone got the hang of it. This was the tip I most appreciate as we didn’t have to sort through duplicates during game time, I handled that before we got started. One caution however, this works best if all of your guests who you make names for all make it to the party.

Buy Four!

It was funny how many people commented that they had wished they had bought an extra one for themselves. It was our favorite thing after all. So if you’re going to throw this party, I highly recommend that you mention that your guests not forget to treat themselves to their favorite thing as well. Some of the gifts were:

  • hair detangler
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • homemade organic jam
  • local artist stationary set
  • cookie sheet
  • handmade soaps
  • lip gloss
  • cell phone charging station
  • sweet treats, music gift cards and handmade stationary

Looking at this list of items, it seems way more drab than the gifts actually were. I think it’s because one of the best part about the gifts was hearing why each person loved them so much and sharing in their excitement to hand them out. Plus we learned about some local shopping gems that were in our own backyard.

A Little Thank You

I found these thank you bags at Michael’s and grabbed’em up. Then I picked up these neat paper soaps and tissues at Pier One and added in some Altoids as a little thank you favor for everyone.

thank you

thank you 2


This is a must do party. Everyone will love it and you’ll be so glad you hosted, even your kiddos who are great at crashing parties and soaking up some love.




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