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This year’s Superblog is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  Our starting lineup features superstar ARW, whose mommy-daddy coaching staff vouch that she’s been super focused on acquiring as many minutes on the playing field as possible to get ready for the big day.  Camera crews have worked around the clock to bring you images of all the action! And here we go……

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Play Book Sneak Peek

The Munchky’s playbook is filled with a lot of the same ol’ plays like the classic stuffed animal play “hug-all-my-buddies”, and the get ready for nap time “run park left, hut hut, go swing”, and the oh so popular fashion play, “blue-56 shoe shuffle”. More recently, however, team SD-Walton has been scoring big with some new plays.

Top on the list to watch out for is a technically strategic play involving a new piece of equipment, the iPad, aka “different book”. Special thanks to team sponsors Grammy Lori and Grandpa Bill for that donation last Christmas. Yes, at times our star player can drive coach daddy a little crazy with how quickly she has learned to open the music app,  put a song on repeat and then bounce from one favorite app to another.

On and off the field, Avery is not one to purposely leave her game-day equipment unattended. In fact, she keeps a close eye on where the mommy-daddy coaching staff lock it up for the night. Her dedication is so strong that I wouldn’t be surprised if she dreams about game-day playback Toy Story style (code name “moomie buzz”), after all it’s the first thing she asks about when she wakes up in the morning. What perseverance and dedication, I must say!

I am certain that Avery’s hard-work will pay off. Word from our sister team, OC-Walton is that superstar Livy Dubs is getting pretty savvy with the iPad too. Coach G reports via Facebook that team OC is perfecting the YouTube moves, especially when it comes to finding recipes for making chocolate cake. Good to know that little Aves has a a little friendly competition on the iPad front.

Pep Talk

Field reporter Elmo reports that Aves like to keep her pep talks short and sweet. Although she has recently expanded her vocabulary and will often string together several words for a complete sentence, she also to like to abbreviate. Cases in point:

  • Neck = Necklace. At times this also means “peety necklace” and “hand me the necklace so I can put in on”.
  • Poc = Pocket. At times this also means “watch out, I am a great pick-pocket when your phone  is peeping out from your back pocket”.
  • Jack = Jacket.
  • B’da = Banana. Not sure where this abbreviation came from, but it was about the 4th or 5th word that Avery added to her pep talk vocab.
  • Mah-melon = Watermelon. Also means “get in my belly, now!”

It’s Sure to be a Sweep

Miss Aves loves her some sweeping. Oh so much fun! She even throws in some warm up squats into the routine.

Catch all our game-day video here on YouTube.

Injured Reserve

Coach Mommy is currently listed on the injured reserve as “questionable”.

My knee surgery was uneventful and pretty straightforward. The doc did find a tear in each of my meniscus while he was in there and stitched those  up as well. Unfortunately, it just means that I need to wait a little longer for those to heal before starting physical therapy. For now I have a big ol’ honk’n brace (yes, that is a technical term) that I wear and I can hobble around. Lots of the usual ice and rest is still in full effect. Soccer isn’t a question again until at least the end of the year, but we’ll see when we get there.

Thank you to my soccer team and all my other friends and family who stopped by, brought over some yummy grub or who sent lots of well wishes my way. All much appreciated, I don’t know what I would have done with out you. A special thanks to coach daddy for being such a trooper and waiting on me rain or shine. I’m truly blessed.

Meet the Newest Fans!

Baby Zachary


What a little angel bundle of love. Congrats to mom Christie and dad Chris!

Christie, your birth story is an inspiration to me. Thank you for letting me be a part of welcoming little Zachary into the world. I am humbled being in the presence of the amazing thing called life and birth. You are an AMAZING woman and Zachary is so lucky to have you as a momma. Don’t ever forget it!

Baby Isabella


Technically, baby Isabella hasn’t graduated from the womb, but she is on her way as I type. Welcome mat is laid out and birthday balloons are ready. Now all we need is the little princess. Hang in there Sue Peck, you’ll have your baby in your arms soon. To be continued…

Update! Baby Isabella has arrived. She is just hours old in the picture. I melt. Both mom and baby are happy and healthy. Congrats to you Sue Peck! Much love to you as you enjoy your babymoon 🙂


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