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Jump on board, don’t mind those barnacles and wipe off that sea weed because you are about to embark on one of Avery’s most favorite adventures. We’re headed down the Australian coast in search for Nemo.
Well, sorta. MAN she loves that movie!

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Daddy’s B-day is aka Halloween.

We were quite the pumpkin family for Halloween this year. You may have remembered last year’s costume, which although as convenient as it was that it still fits, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add to the library of cuteness-overload and transform the munchkin into a pumpkin princess.

Who’s coming to visit?

I think I’ve watched this video like 18 million times. I didn’t understand at first, but “Gia” and “Baby” are Aunt Gina and Baby Chase. My favorite part is the little butt wiggle kick thing she does as she rounds the corner out of the kitchen. But you can’t blink or you’ll miss it at the last second.

I’m a nice shark. Not a mindless eatin’ machine.

I’m in the mood to give this blog a rant-like spattering of the different things that Aves is “into” these days. In no particular order: Cookie monster, cleaning the shower with the squeegie, checking her temperature with the thermometer, especially likes to hear it beep, asking for two of something, helping to cook dinner by helping mommy stir everything or smelling all the ingredients before going into the pan, going shopping at Trader Joe’s (sidebar: latest TJ addiction is the dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Seriously, they’re like crack.), going on the swings and the slide (aka: the “weeeeeeee!”) at any park, going to parties, loves, loves, loves parties, putting things “back” or asking when someone like daddy is coming “back” from work, reading in her cubby, reading any paper that has words on it, and watching as much Finding Nemo as humanly possible. Also, stuffing her face like a mindless eating machine. I have the YouTube videos to prove it. Oatmealicious, I rest my case.

He’s lost his son, Elmo.

elmoAvery kept talking about this giant Elmo from the Buy Buy Baby store an entire week after seeing it. I mean, it’s practically life size, I know, but prior to this picture, she hadn’t ever seen Elmo before. Now I get to remember this as one of those moments that made a first big impression on the little munchk. But creepy, right?  We have two stuffed Elmos, and I’m pretty sure that any stuffed animal is classified as an Elmo in Aery’s book.

It’s awesome, Jellyman.

As another year comes to an end, I send out a giant thank you to everyone. Wait for it… THANK YOU!

I am especially thankful for my health. I recently tore my ACL playing soccer and I have a renewed appreciation for having all the moving parts of my body working harmoniously and health-like. I want to be healthy forever! Outside of a couple of sprained wrists, ankles and that one bone contusion, I’ve never seriously injured myself. I know I will be ok and I know that I will be active and running again, but man oh man I don’t think I’ll ever look at a soccer field the same way again.

Gratitude for health aside, I am patiently waiting to understand the good that will come from this experience. In the meantime I’ve drummed some up. Here it goes: this knee brace goes much better with skirts and dresses, two items of clothing that I don’t wear near enough. I will eventually get my own personal trainer (physical therapist, whatever, don’t hate). I had been meaning to get back to Yoga and this new ice pack that Jen told me about is heavenly, I wish I had known about this a long time ago.  I’m working from home more and coincidentally related, it looks like I’ll be moving to a full time work from home status starting next month. Hello pajamas all day!

Thank you, 2012, for another fun-filled, adventurous year of life and the fun-loving people to share it with. I hope 2013 is only more of the same plus bigger, better and more fun!

You never really know, but when they know you’ll know, ya know?

What would a Walton Family Blog be without a new birth or wedding announcement? Well, here ya have it!

Natalie & Kevin

the_dusisBestie of all besties, my childhood soccer playing, up to no good, trouble making since we were 10 years old, best friend ever in the world is tying the knot. Congrats!

I am honored to be matron of honor, ready to serve and willing to go to the depths of Pinterest and beyond for the most perfect wedding ever to celebrate you two! October will be here in no time, can’t wait. 🙂

Luke & Bre

she said yes After enough time for threats of commo-law marriage, Lukie-boy finally popped the question. Congrats! And although they are both far away in cold and snowy Cleveland, I’m hoping they’ll be home soon. Miss you guys!

Also, details needed. For example, what is Gus Gus going to wear? Too cute!


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