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Enchanted, You Say?

Thor, name games and a new cousin in this rendition of The Walton Family bloggity. I’ve also thrown in some musings from the neighborhood and of course lots of Avery pics (because it wouldn’t be a proper blog post without ’em).

Enchanted Aves

It has become something of a routine this summer to come home to Adam telling me all about how much fun he and Aves had at the beach that afternoon. I’ve taken the liberty to sum up the story and add a little heroism. Excuse me while I indulge.

The sweet spot is the end of the slant where the water slides down the shore into the ocean. As soon as the coast is clear, it’s Munchky’s cue to squat and scoop. She’s a bit like Thor in that she is never without her enchanted scooping weapon. Yes, in lieu of a mace, Munchky”s beloved is that of the shiny, plastic, yellow variety. The mighty shovel. Oh, yeah baby. She is armed. Look out.

It is her duty to scoop. I don’t know if its just the allure of that smooth, freshly washed, cool, flat sand that begs for a hearty dig. Maybe its the rush that comes from knowing that a mere second or two later  she’ll be chased back up the shore by the next wave. Its an endless cycle, you see. Water goes out. The Munchkin scoops, laughs, runs and repeats. Queen of the shore and no one can stop her!

The beach is her where her heart sings. It seems to be her calling. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of coming home to these stories of the scooping kind.

The Name Game

Little Aves is turning into such a chatter box. She mainly rattles off a seemingly compelling monologue in her very own Avery dialect. She will, however from time to time, amuse me and partake in a wholesome game of copy-cat. Ya see, I like to name a bunch of people in our family and see if she will repeat ’em. But this last round of the family name game didn’t go over quite as planned. Pay close attention to my position on the totem-pole. Not cool. Cute, but not cool.

Me: “and Grammy Suz?”
Avery:  “shusch”
Me: “and Ma’am Ma’am?”
Avery: “Ma’am Mm”
Me: “and Mimi?”
Avery: “Mimi”
Me: “and Mommy?”
Avery: “Dadda”
Me: “Oh, you have got to be kidding!”
Avery: “Dadda”

Good Morning Park Dale Lane

Living close to an elementary school definitely has its ups and downs. Ups? Walking to school beats an extra stop in the car, anytime. Whenever we get a doggy, we’ll have quick access to a big open field for playing fetch. Downs? Morning school rush traffic. Or a quiet Saturday morning during soccer season, not happening. For the most part the good and the bad weigh out about even, and the bad isn’t really even that bad.  Growing up next to an elementary school though, none of this seems all that unfamiliar, however we didn’t have a Mrs. Greenburger.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live within earshot of Park Dale Lane‘s  loudspeaker, let me give you the low down. Every morning we are greeted with the almost ceremonial sound “dooo doo do doowhip”, which signifies the start of Principal Greenburger’s “Words of Wisdom”.

“Good morning Park Dale Lane”… she’ll begin and then blah blah blah blah, I can’t really listen because I’m chasing Munchky around the house, but it’s some kind of story and then the closing kicks in… “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours”.  Each spiel starts and ends the same, every morning, Monday through Friday. It’s starting to get a  little creepy how her voice is getting burned into my brain. I’m just say’n.

As usual, you can see all our videos on our YouTube Channel here.

Dadda, RyRy, Yadda Yadda

“Dadda” and “RyRy” are the Avester’s favorites. A solid “Dadda”, or more recently “Daddee” is required before sleeping and immediately upon waking up, guaranteed. Dadda is the only word she will diligently pause , blurt out and continue chowing down on her bottle (bottle, by the way is also known as “bubble”).  RyRy is just short for “I want to go play at my cousins’ house, ok? Let’s go.” RyRy is requested minimally by the hour, possibly more.

In Other News

Its been a year since I started a new job at a large, professional services company. I was excited at the promise for stability, opportunity and moving on to the “bigger and better”. This week I was promoted, whooo hooo. Up the ladder I go! I am so thankful for all the support of my friends and family for cheering me on as I make my way. There’s no looking back now!

Welcome Cousin “Chay”

Welcome our newest little nephew angel to the family, little Mr. Chase William Walton! Born August 22 to proud parents Gina and Tuffy and big sis Liv, Chase is the cutest, tiniest, and full-head-of-hairy-est baby I ever did see. Seriously, the kiddo has some luscious locks. Love you Chase-man, welcome to the family!

Trivia fact: Aug 22 is quite the special day. Not only is it CWW’s birthday, but it’s my mom’s birthday and it’s also the day that we found out we were pregnant with Avery.

Enchanted, You Say?

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the post and assuming that you’ve read this from top to bottom, I think you deserve an explanation for the title of this post. Aside from being almost midnight as I tie a bow on this post and get it ready to shove out the door to all my pretties (yes, that means you, dear reader), um…. yeah so aside from being really late at night, I have no better explanation than, well,  I think that writing this blog is close to the only time where I get lost, and not just day dreamy lost, but really lost in imagination and storytelling. I guess it makes me feel enchanted. So there you have it!

Enchanted: To fill (someone) with great delight; charm.


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