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You may or may not have noticed that its been a few months since my last post. I have my reasons. I am back again now, though. No worries. For those keeping score, I had a few minor setbacks. My computer was slower than molases in winter, my phone was so full of pics I couldn’t take anymore AND this little munchkin has gone mobile. Not cell phone mobile but just moving around, won’t sit still for a decent picture kinda mobile. Long story longer, we’re back!

What’s Your Sign?

Avery is a signer. Yeah, she signs. The sign for poop is all the latest rage. When we first started signing for poop, she couldn’t stop cracking up about it,afterall the sign for poop is actually pretty funny, but it’s been great. Now she will sign when she has a poopy butt. Yay! One step closer to potty training (rrr potty learning, is that the new PC term?). Plus, its aweful gosh darn cute to walk in after a nap and get the poop signal right out of the gate. Even before the nose gets the signal, if you know what I mean. Other popular signs are “more” and…. well that’s it, that’s all we got. “More” and “poop”. They actually go hand in hand quite well because she signs ”more” really only for more food. She ate three times as much food the week after she learned it. More goes in and well, you know, more comes out.

The Moose.

I’ts my current favorite nickname for the munchkin. Other flavors include moosey-poo, moosey-goo and moosey-mo-goosey.

The Courtesy Flush

This is gross sounding, but I couldn’t think of any other name for it. You know, like when The Aves is obliterating a cup of yogurt. Sometimes she needs a quick wipe down of the face and hands so that she can continue on. Yeah, so that’s a courtesy flush.

Up The Vocab

Adam and I decided that “up” is her official first word. “Mamamamamamama” and “dadadadadadada”, although terribly cute and heart melting, seemed too easy to be considered her first words. “Up” was really an intentional I want you to pick me up kinda first word. She’s now moved on to some form of “ba” and “bir” for “ball” and “bird” respectively. Then, oh, theres the occasional “bah-na” for “banana” and the lovely “go” for “go”. She speaks some form of some language all day, but it seems that about one to two new decipherable words pop up during the course of a week.

The Dragon

We’ve got a growler, we call her the dragon. Didn’t you know that dragons growl? Of course they do! Anyhoo, any animal is greeted with a growl. Any talk of an animal is answered with a growl. Most who encounter the growl, I have noticed, return the greeting with a growl. And so now, imagine if you will, all of us sitting in the room growling at one another. It’s grand, really. It is.

Love Makes Life A Paradise

Congratulations to the newest Mr. and Mrs. Walton-to-be, Nathan and Ali, who in a short 48 hours will be walking down the isle of wedded bliss. Eeeee! We are so excited for you and wish you nothing but blessings of pure happiness and harmony in your lives together.  We love you!


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