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No name is right. I went out to breakfast the other day with a dear friend and on the menu was a dish called “no name”. Really? We can be so not creative and get away with it? Nay and be great at it? Alright, I’m trying it out. This post has no name. Name it not. Read it. That’s the name of the game.

Auntie Bre & Gus

We spent an entire week in LA visiting with Bre and Luke, and Gus-gus of course. Avery loves puppies and Gus was very sweet with her. There was only an occasional raising of the gussy eyebrow when an Avery toy would squeak like a Gussy toy. Not allowed on his watch.

After Avery went to bed each night he figured that it was his turn to play and he’d get out all of his slobbered on toys. I much prefer munchky slobber to Gus-gus slobber. Avery isn’t partial to any kind of slobber as far as I know. Pretty sure that as long as it’s all over everything we’re golden. And Gus is pretty good at that.

Thank you family for the hospitality. See you again in Jan!

Baby’s First Christmas

This Santa (eh-hem, I mean THE Santa) at The Forum in Carlsbad was the real deal. I’m talk’n super autentico. Literally, there was some sort of magical something about this Santa. Avery was far more interested in the decorations than in the man with the big red suit. Which later we come to find out later that daddy’s work supplied the decor. I’m sure the elves were just so busy they needed Pacific events to help out.

And who doesn’t love dolphins above your head in the middle of a Christmas picture? Hello, priceless!

Bath Time Jungle Gym

No matter how tired and sleepy and cranky or calm or whatever mood this pa-tooter is in, the bath time brings out her inner jungle gym. Yes, no wall is too tall to scale, no shampoo bottle is too far to reach, no ducky is too floaty to dunk. No one is safe. She is developing quite the set of gross motor skills. She actually pulled herself up to standing for the first time in this picture. There is no look’n back now.

See all of our videos on our YouTube Channel here.

The Cousins

What a cutie pair of cousin friends. The dialogue I imagine going on in their heads just before this picture is this:

Avery – “Livy! I love you. I love your toys. Oooh, camera! Smile!”

Livy – “Um, could somebody tell me what is going on? Did someone say toys?”

You have your own caption? I say share. Comment them!

Uncle Lukie

Aves and Uncle Lukie got a chance to get their kick back and chill groove on. How could they not? They have such similar daily routines. They wake up, work really hard at playing, eat a hearty, healthy meal or two and take naps in the afternoon. Perfect!

Luke is still working on stretching out his “I’m a new uncle muscles”. In particular those of the lower your voice and non-door slamming variety. No biggy. Took daddy a few whiles to stretch his out too and now he’s a pro.

Auntie Natalie

What a sweet visit from Auntie Natalie and Kevin before Christmas. Auntie Natalie has always been WAY more into Christmas than I have. Hmm, I wonder why?

The name Natalie is derived from the Latin “Dies Natalis”, meaning “Natal Day” or “birthday” in reference to the birth of Christ and was traditionally given to girls born around Christmas. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyhoo, Avery loved her new toys and maybe even loved them as much as the wrapping that they came in. “Oh boy! Boxes!”

Buon Natale 2011 to everyone!

High Tech

Avery prefers skype and phone calls where she can send daddy kisses through the phone by slobbering all over it.

Moties (tv remote controls) are favorite toy numero uno. She has three of them now. Add that to her new cell phone and DJ music table station thingy and I’d say she’s on the high tech highway. Vroom vroom.

The Walton Clan – a La Purple & Grey

We are quite the color coordinated family – purple and grey all around. But seriously, I could use some more clothes. I am wearing the same three things in every picture. Help!

I also have to go out of my way not to wear the same colors that Avery is wearing. Several times, just as I am about to walk out of the house , I have noticed that we are dressed like twins. Either the same matchy-matchy colors or some other ens amble that is just a tad bit too coordinated.

Relax’n in da Tub

Nicknames are back. Did you miss ’em?

– The Muchker

– Binks

– Mooey

– Agoogers

– Monkey Moo

– Booder Bean


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