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2011 Prelude: Before jumping into this delinquent blog post, I share.

As the most amazing year of my life nears an end I can’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. Weird for me, I know, but bear with me. The tears are just from fear of the unknown rearing up only for a moment before being absolved by shear amazement that what I am living today once only existed as images in my mind. Images in my mind, really? Ha! I can do that with my eyes closed, so there!  Here’s to another year of an amazing, blissful and otherwise extraordinary existence. A gazillion thank yous and a gazillion best wishes. Amen 2012! 🙂

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Bonus points to those who comment about the title. Avery’s seventh month of life kicked off a new trend… movement! Yup, we’ve moved into our new home and we are loving it! We also moved Avery’s diet from the nectar of the gods liquid variety to also include some baby food of the pureed variety, mainly squash. Aves threatens to crawl and walk around, but we are not yet breaking a sweat chasing that kind of movement. She does bust a mean army crawl, I must say.

Smiles with Mommy

Have I said this before yet? How did I end up with a red haired, blue eyed baby? Don’t get me wrong, I had just never really imagined it. I have run through in my mind a few biology classes about genetics and dominant genes andblsh blah blah chances of two brown eyed people having a blue eyed baby. Regardless of the science behind it all, I’m still a little taken a back by it. That’s all.


Great Grandma Glo is the ultimate 3g. Avery is kick’n back with her while she chows down on one of her most favorite toys of all time. The very economical and easy to find empty plastic water bottle. Cap on of course.  I use the term “chow” loosely as we’ve got no signs of any teeth popp’n out any time soon. It’s more of a “gumm’n” down business.


This was at our second Thanksgiving dinner. It had been quite a while since our last dinner at Bill and Lori’s. Oh man, did I ever tell you about that good stretch of about a year where Adam and Bill and Lori and I would go out to dinner every other night? Or if there was a game on we’d record it  eat some Mad Fish. For sure  Adam would yell at Bill for fast forwarding through the free throws. I would usually fall asleep at the foot of the bed curled up like I was doing an Annie impression except I was really curled up and not drooling with all fours dangling in the air.

We also had a great Thanksgiving dinner at cousin Jet’s and Kennedy’s house. Avery has so much fun playing with her big cousins. Definitely thankful for all the opportunities we have to be thankful.

Mad Fish, by the way, is the name that Bill decided to give the Thai restaurant in Hillcrest that is actually called Amarin Thai. Don’t order higher than a spicy 6 or you may cry through your meal.

The Dolphin Smile

I think Adam and Susie started calling this smile the dolphin smile because she has no teeth and looks like a dolphin. I can roll with that.

Ok, nope. This just in. The dolphin smile is “a really wide, tight lip smile from ear to ear. Not exactly like this picture, but now I know. Now we all know.

Cutie Pie

This is one of my favorite pictures. Avery had always liked to keep her legs locked and preferred to rest her knees and not bend them for whatever reason. She never really started to try and stand while holding on to something until the few days around the time that this picture was taken. She just looks so darn cute.

Like. As in I like this pic.

Cuddles with Daddy

Daddy and Avery are  a couple of cuddle bugs. I use the term cuddle loosely. Getting thrown up in the air and coming back down for a kiss or two is not really my idea of cuddles, but they make it work. Avery also likes to cuddle up to a full bottle. And don’t get in her way.

Sport’n the ‘Stache

We busted out of the normal nursing stuff and tried out all this food that everyone seemed so interested in. Yes, Avery had her first spoonful of food. Its was carrots.

We later tried some squash and now zucchini is her all time favorite. And to be more specific, squash is the “gulp it up and eat it all and ask for” kind of favorite. Yummers!

Uncle Nate

Lots of people say that Avery has some elf like qualities although I prefer the term pixie. Well, way back when we were looking for a name for the baby, I came across Avery in the boys name list. Looking at the meaning of the name I was a little surprised, but then I though, nah, I’ll just not tell anyone what the meaning of the name is. Well, I lie. Avery originates from Old English and means King of Elves, Elf Ruler or Magical Counsel. Go figure.

In 2010 Avery was the 23rd most popular name according to the office of social security. I hope that she gets to go by something cooler than “Avery W.” when she gets to school and there are 8 other Averys in her class. And what if there is another Avery W., then what happens?

The year that Uncle Nathan was born, his name was the 36th most popular name in the US. Whitecloud on the other hand was not in the top 1000 in the last, well ever. Never has it made the list.

Check out your name on the SS site. It’s is pretty easy to use.

I Love Toys

Yes, I do. I love to get all my toys out of the basket and into my mouth. I especially love to slobber on them and make sure they get spread out all over the place. Oh, and did I mention that I love to put them in my mouth? I’m so good at that now. Sometimes I even wave them around, but that’s my newest trick.

See all our videos on our YouTube Channel here.

First Snooze in my New Room

The first time we hung out in the house, before any furniture had been moved in, Avery tried very steadily to pick up the carpet with her little pointer finger. She was quite amazed as she hadn’t really ever spent much time on carpet in a big empty room. This picture really is the first nap in her new room. Adam was so in love with this picture he said that we should make it the cover of our photo album. I smell a whiff nostalgia in the making.


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