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One equinox to another,  15,778,463 seconds, an Avery baby, it’s all the same… six months old! How’s things after half a year of babyness in the Walton abode, you may ask? My answer is either “awesome possum” or “pretty rock-star”. Ya know, but you can take your pick of the two cause it’s really 6 of one or a half dozen of the other to me.

Happy Halloween!

Avery was a monkey for daddy’s birthday, aka Halloween. I think I had bought the costume something like 3 months prior and we couldn’t stop talking about how cute she was going to look in her monkey suit. She did. She only had it on for a total of about 10 minutes cause she was pretty toasty sweaty in that thing. Plenty of time to snap some good pics.

Yummy in the Tummy

I happen to come equipped with my own sort of bottle and don’t get to partake in the bottle feeding fun like daddy and others, but the stories go that pretty much the only time that Avery will get upset and cry is when her bottle 1. isn’t ready right now and 2. is empty prior to a serious 5 ounce guzzle. As you can see in the picture, Daddy has become pro at the munchky routine.

Eat, sleep, poop, play, walk and then repeat. Pro I tell ya, pro.

Happy Girls

Avery and I get to hang out all day on Saturday and Sunday and because my job has some flexibility, we get to play at lunch on the days that I can work from home. I love every minute of it and find that goodbyes on Monday morning are the toughest. Nothing but thankful for all the time I get to soak up with her. What a blessing.

Sink Baffie

Who wouldn’t love a sink baffie? I mean, how much more fun could a bath be than one right next to the clean dishes in the sink? It makes for quick and easy eating, bathing and dish washing in one swoop.

Avery is a bit too big for her baby bath tub, but that doesn’t stop her for a good ol’ splish splash in the sink. Her favorite thing to do in the bath is gnaw on the sides of the tub. It looks tasty I guess. Only once or twice has she given herself a good face first dunk in the water which is usually followed by two minutes of not so fun, let’s call it “regrouping”. What a munchkaroo!

Daddy Walks

Does he ever! A self proclaimed specialty, daddy walks his baby ’round and ’round the yard, sometimes an hour at a time. Avery is usually peep free as long as daddy’s feet keep on a steppn’.

This isn’t anything new. Since she was just weeks old, Adam used to walk laps around the couch to put her to sleep. I’m surprised there isn’t one of those burnt in blazed-trail type of wear on the floor from all those walkies. Well, the landscape outside is definitely more interesting now that she is older anyway. And with this cooler weather, dad has had plenty of practice dressing little miss Aves in all sorts of fashionable layers.

Monkey’s Nanner

Duh! Monkeys love nanners, everyone knows that. Avery doesn’t know yet if she loves nanners, but she’ll find out soon enough. She has only just started eating pureed vegetables like pees and carrots, but something tells me that she is a bit underwhelmed and is waiting for a full plate of steak and taters with salad, soup, bread and all the works. Kinda like the plate fulls that Annie (the dog) used to get at Grandpa Bill’s table. Little by little we’ll get there and I’m sure this little eater will be right at home in the kitchen.

Sleepy Angel

I hope that forever and ever Avery is followed and protected and loved by angels. I swear that even before she was born, it felt like a stadium full of angels were just waiting for her arrival. And I mean a real stadium folks, like standing room only, everyone wanting to get in to see the great event…. a stadium of angels. Sheesh, now that I think about it though, wouldn’t it be cool if we all lived like we had a stadium of angels watching over us?


The munchkin is getting much better at sitting up all by herself. She will have a tumble here and there, but she’s getting pretty good at it. It seems though like ever since she was born she prefers to have her legs straight and sitting her down sometimes can be a little tough. It’s like she’ll straight-leg ya kinda the same way she’ll give ya a good straight arm. All month she has been rolling and tossing and turning and wiggling her way around getting stronger everyday.

All the munchkerrific videos are on our YouTube Channel for you to see anytime.

Pumpkin Depot

This picture is actually taken outside the entrance to Home Depot. Classy, I know. That’s how we roll. Anyhoo, the house is coming along nicely and is really becoming to look like our home. The last big detail before we can move in is carpet installation which should be coming up here soon. Looks like we’ll be in for the holidays. Yay! Again, we’ll keep you posted on the progress. Or you may just hear a big sigh from anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Encinitas. Don’t worry, that’s just me, relieved that we’ve finally arrived home.

Torrey Pines

Following up from last month and grand-parental memories, Adam shares some of his memories of his grand parents.

Grandma Glo is Bill’s mom. Adam says that she is the best cook in the whole world. His favorite is shipwreck. For all those, like me who have no idea what that is, worry not. You need not beg for the definition. This dish is potatoes, carrots, onions and pot roast baked for like 12 hours. The first time I ever met Grandma Glo was at Thanksgiving 2005 and the first thing she said when we walked in the door at Uncle Bruce’s house was “Adam, so good to see you. I made your favorite. It’s in the kitchen.” It is pretty dang yummy. Adam also said that no matter where he’d go in San Diego, people wanted to know if he was Glo’s grandson because she used to read to them at the library. As a librarian Grandma Glo read to Adam a bunch. Now Grandma Glo is known as the storybook grandma to her greatgrandbaby girls. Avery is definitely adding books from GGG to her collection. Lastly, Adam tells a great story about the times as kids that he and his brothers would run all over the house with the yarn that she knits with and “tie up her house” and call it spider webs. I’ve heard that they’d get pretty tangled up. I can only imagine the sight.

Grandpa Ted is Bill’s dad. Avery and I never had the pleasure of meeting Grandpa Ted, but when asked to tell us about him for the blog Adam simply puts it like this: “He was really nice. He was always fun to hang out with and everyone liked Grandpa Ted. He was fun to go on vacations with because he knew everything about everything.”  He goes on to say that going camping and hiking with him was so fun as they went all the time from about the time he was 5 until 15 or so.  He also thought as a kid that it was pretty funny that Grandpa Ted would dig up piles of dirt in his backyard and back-fill them with better dirt. There would always be a great big pile of dirt on the front lawn. I can only imagine the kind of muddy, dusty, sandy, dirty fun it would have been playing in a pile of dirt all day. When asked about Grandpa Ted’s family Adam mentions the fountain at Balboa Park and how he always remembers loving that fountain because his great uncle designed it.

Susie’s dad, John Guth – Adam and Avery and I never got a chance to meet Grandpa John in person, but Adam remembers knowing that he was from Minnesota and had lots of kids and was married to Grandma Tutu.

Grandma Tutu, Susie’s mom –  She was really nice and fun to hang out with and she drank a ton of vodka. Adam continues to say that she always had funny stories to tell, everyone loved grandma tutu and he never met one person who didn’t like her. She was just that way all the time. She was a perfect grandma. Personally, I love the picture of Grandma Tutu that Susie has at her house. She is dressed up like a Hawaiian dancer with grass skirt and all.

Much love to the great grandparents. We know you love us and for those who can’t be with us today, we know you are watching over us.

Cutie Smiler Big Eyed Lovey Girl

Really, how did I get such a happy baby? I mean, seriously. I know that I am a momma and I could brag and yadda yadda about how great my kiddo is, but the word on the street speaks for me. This girl is one happy baby.

Pretty sure that she is catching on to this whole picture taking stuff too. She loves to see pictures of herself! She also very much loves to laugh at silly faces, peek-a-boo, tickles of the rib and thigh region as well as her best friend Elwood the dog. Very comical all of it.

And another thing, now that I am coming to the end of this blog post, where in the heck did those blue eyes come from? B-e-a-uuuu-tiful. Red hair, blue eyed, smiley girl! Who’d ever a thunk it?!  Ok, ya’ll. Go on now and talk amongst yourselves. This blog is done! rrrr… no, wait. One more.

One More for the Birds


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