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Me fifth element – supreme being. Me protect you.

Get out your favorite cup of joe everyone. This overdue post is a scroller.

Bottom Lip

Avery has discovered her bottom lip. Yeah, it’s fairly entertaining and worth sucking when her toes and fingers are otherwise ocupado. However, should she forget about her bottom lip’s proximity to the coveted mouth-place-where-everything-goes, she is not without other means of entertainment. Oh, yes. There are other items just oozing with open-mouth-and-insert-here appeal. Aside from the obvious and rather accessible toes, fingers, shirt and binky, the latest and greatest for the toothless chomper is the sock. Oh yes, the sock is great for a keep me happy for the car ride to Grammy’s, but I’m not a fan when it comes to keeping the tootsies warm. A chilly, freshly drenched, drool sock is less than ideal for toasty toes if ya know what I mean.

Farmer’s Market

Here is a rant that has less to do with the munckin, and more to do with indulging the secret foodie in me. You must in your life splurge on something that would make your grandparents faint because of the amount of dough you dropped for it. Or if they don’t faint, they would at the very least divvy out a mighty scoff. I mean we’ve all heard our grandparents say, “when I was a kid I could get a soda pop and a loaf of bread at the five and dime for 2 cents.” or some derivative thereof.

Well, I can’t remember the last time that I paid for something with less than a nickel’s worth of change, but I withhold my scoff until my grandparenting days.  Let’s continue, shall we?  I divulge to you, my loyal readers. I paid $2 dollars for a cookie at the farmer’s market. That’s right, a cookie, as in single, uno, solitary, one less than two and one more than zero. Just one cookie.

And I have to say, I loved every single bite. It was worth it. It was incredibly scrumptious. Think about what a cookie would have to taste like to be worth $2. I mean really, think about it. Make a list of what it would take. I didn’t know it was possible. And this wasn’t some over-sized, BJ’s Pizookie cookie either. One, normal serving size kind of cookie.

At first I wondered how the guy stayed in business. Yes, I scoffed at the sign even without the grandparent rights. “Two dollars for a cookie, are you kidding me?” Oh, but there were samples. One bite and I was sold.  Did Tinkerbell sprinkle some magic fairy dust in this cookie or what?!? I couldn’t wait to pull out my George Washingtons and scarf – nay, devour – my purchase. See or taste for yourself at the official website for Chef Betsy and her gluten free deserts at www.chefbetsyg.com.

Chef Bety’s deserts are just some of the many, many yummy things you can find at the farmer’s market every Sunday in Leucadia. My other noteworthy purchase was a bottle of sparkling grape juice from Australia. Yup, the same grapes used to make wine, just NOT fermented. Yummers!

Rant complete – back to the munchkin at the market. I have to point out that our cousins Amil and Sarah have all four of their kiddos huddled around and romping in the stroller. Let’s hear it for the super parents! Yes, 1, 2, 3, and number 4 is under the blanket snoozing away. Also in these super parents arsenal of family fun are cookies. Yes, the lovely Ms. Sarah Wood (with all her spare time) also makes some yummmmer in the tummer cookies.

Who are all these peeps who stroll through the Leucadia Farmer’s Market (aka Sunday Social Hour – shouldn’t ya’ll be at church or something)? From left to right: Grammy Suz, Cousin Jen, Avery baby, Pam Dunn (she married us), Me, Bobbi-Jo, Sarah, Dylan (aka Juju), Amil, Sue, and Gavin and Benjamin are in the stroller with the newest little Ryan (Ry-Guy).

Big Eyes

If you haven’t seen The Fifth Element, I’m so sorry for you. Hands down one of the best movies of all times. I’ve sprinkled throughout this post a few quotes from the movie. I have memorized it. Now, I don’t really have a secret desire to indulge the movie critic in me quite like I do the foodie in me, so I’ll just leave you with this: Watch The Fifth Element, and then watch it again and again and again. It just keeps getting better. You too may wonder each time, “Why is Luke Perry in the opening scene?” Watch it.

Such a Fashionista

Most of these pictures are of Avery in pink clothes. I didn’t think I would ever want to dress up my little girl in pink clothes, but my goodness, she looks so darn cute in pink. Purple is nice too, but there is some “je no ce qua” about Avery in pink.This little ditty is one of her latest and greatest. Now, if I could only get the clothes to fit her for longer than a couple of weeks we’d be rock’n and roll’n.

Korben Dallas: What’s your name?
Leeloo: Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat.
Korben Dallas: Good. That… that whole thing’s your name, huh? Do you have, uh… a shorter name?
Leeloo: Leeloo.

First Ride in the Cart

Not too much to say about this adorable little pic except that it’s a lot easier to go into a store and pick up a few things now that my child can A. hold up her own head and B. sit up in a cart. Yay!  Also to be said in this blurb, another Fifth Element Quote:

Police: Are you classified as human?
Korben Dallas: Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

I feel like a meat popsicle sometimes in those super markets. Sheesh. It’s just the food that needs to be refrigerated. Not the people in the store. And, how about that blackout, huh? Stores throughout the whole southwest had to through out all their food due to the outage. Yikes.

The Sitters

President Lindberg: Mrs. Dallas, this is the President. On behalf of the federation, I would like to thank you…

Now that Grammy-T is back to work, Avery had to fill a recurring weekly opening in her take-care-of-me-I’m-so-cute-and-mommy-and-daddy-are-at-work calendar. Thank you to Bobbi-Jo for taking the munchkin one day a week. Grammy-Suz still has her time-slot and other random visits to relieve Adam Daddy on one of his three days a week with the baby. Sincerely, I thank you so much! Or as Leeloo would say “Chik-en, good.”

Speaking of Mommy and Daddy going to work. I got a new jobby job. I started the last week of September and it’s been great. I knew that if I had to leave my baby-girl to go to work for 8-9 hours/day that it would have to be because I am tackling the absolutely best career possible. I owe that to myself and my family. That’s that. Low and behold after my resume had been up on monster for a couple of weeks I got a call from a recruiter, and the rest is sooooo five minutes ago.

Yep, better pay, better benefits, closer to home, less stressful, more opportunity, more scheduling flexibility, more career path opportunities, global connections, more resources, mentors and more learning. So, did I say the best opportunity possible? Please and thank you!

The Wood Boys

Welcome our newest little cuz, Ryan Kamalei Wood. Born on September 9, 2011. He is surrounded with all kinds of love. We’re so lucky to have you, welcome!

Speaking of September 9, 2011… Adam and I closed escrow on our home in Encinitas on the same day that Ryan came into the world. Coincidence? I think not! We are blessed.

So, hold your horses, we have not moved in yet. This little diamond in the rough is getting it’s due polishing. Construction is under way to update some of the original 1980’s features and all that jazz. Hoping, crossing my fingers, doing some wild rain dances in the backyard that we’ll get to move in by Halloween. We’ll see.

Mike Blackman, General Contractor Extraordinaire (aka Home Makeover Angel) is on it. THANK YOU MIKE! Everyone call him for your general contracting needs. You’ll thank me, I know it.


Did you celebrate Grandparent’s Day this last September? Well, we didn’t really celebrate it, but I want to take a minute (or 20) to share a little about my grandparents and Avery’s great grandparents. I must qualify the following; these are my memories of my grandparents, I did not verify their validity. I think though that our stories, as we remember and tell them are part of the magic in loving our elders, on and on.

Let’s start with my Dad’s parents. Ben and Pauline Callaway lived in a snowy place called Fraiser Park on the northern outskirts of Los Angeles. Grandpa loved his super spiffy model train set and always had some Smokey the Bear, Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires stuff as he worked for the department of forestry. I always marveled at the tattoos that lined his arms. The ink was so dark blueish greenish and looked like they had leaked into the wrinkles of his skin. He made me laugh so hard. All the time. He was so funny to my brother and I. He also was the only person I had ever seen talk back to my dad and live to see another day. Hilarious! Grandpa died shortly after I got home from college. I don’t ever remember telling him that I loved him. I love you grandpa.

Grandma Callaway has the most distinct voice. With one listen of her voice, my entire childhood memories of grandma and grandpa come rushing back.  She loves animals and at their house in the mountains they always had chickens and roosters and geese and puppies and all kinds of fun trouble for a kiddo like me to find. There was a creek out back that was cold, cold, cold but we loved to play in it. As I got older Grandma started painting and man she could whip up an awesome acrylic oil on canvas. Grandma lives up in Oregon now and I am so glad that I went up to see her to visit a couple Thanksgivings ago. She still has this oil lamp in her living room that I marveled at as a kid. I love you Grandma!

On to my mom’s parents, starting with Grandpa Dave. His name is really Henry Wise, which I was confused about why everyone called him Dave or David when his name is Henry. I also remember Grandpa Dave’s voice very well. He had a kitty named Miss Kitty that I loved to pet when we would go out to his house in New Mexico. Grandpa had a Mexican restaurant in town and man could he cook up a yummy dinner. Too bad I didn’t appreciate it as much when I was a kid, I was such a picky eater. Didn’t know what I was miss’n!  Me, like my mom, like my grandpa; we all learned spanish as a second language. We all have different accents though, ha! Later I found out that Grandpa likes to write poetry. I asked him to write a poem about being a grandparent, enjoy:

By Dave Wise
September 16, 2011

Ah, child of my child, newest of our precious crew,
How fine it is that at last I’ve met you.
I’m sure that time will help us grow closer together
And build great memories that will last forever.

You, of the angel-pixie smile, purpose of my quest,
Wonder shyly what I have for my guest.
Looking at you, my mind is flooded with advice.
I know, however, that it wouldn’t be worth a trice.

My hope for you is to live in a beautiful place,
Enjoy life as much as possible, bear odds with grace.
The feelings you’ll carry will be your real treasure.
The love, the hope, the pride we cannot measure.

And as time goes rushing on and you grow older,
You have kids, mortgages, and grow saner, not bolder.
Finally comes life’s acme – it’s quite apparent-
You, my dear child, have become a grand –parent.

Thank you Grandpa Dave. I love you.

Granny Ruth is my step-grandma married to Grandpa Dave. She is from Puerto Rico and is quite the energetic one. As a kid she always drove Jimmy and I all over the place, in that small town of Roswell. She introduced us to lots of people and told us lots of stories about our grandpa and what it was like in Puerto Rico. She always made sure that we would have a good time. She would teach us Spanish too. I love you Granny Ruth.

Mimi. Mom’s mom. We like to call her Mimi-Head. As a kid we would drive out to where she worked in Corona to have lunch and visit. Corona is out east of LA where all the cow farms are and I remember so well the stench each time we drove out there. Mimi loved to kiss all over us, give us sugars. She still tries if we get too close or sit still too long. I loved going for a ride in Mimi’s car because she had a cool Nissan Z. I actually had to lay down in the back and hide from cops as we drove along because I didn’t have a seat belt on. Shoot, I didn’t even have a seat! We would sing the “be-eye-by” song and laugh hysterically at the end when she’d say “doo, doo” or “poo, poo”. So funny to a five year old.  Ask me one day and I’ll sing it for you. I love you Mimi.

Adam has the same kind of memories of his grandparents, but I’m going to save those for next month’s post. Stay tuned!

A Charger Family – Go Bolts!

Sundays are back to some hardy football’n, good ol’ red zon’n action in our house. Adam said that Avery must be a Charger fan. He has so wholesomely dedicated his influential paternal powers to convert the munchky to a die-hard, chargers-for-life fan. I’m sure he won’t have a hard time, afterall, the outfits that go along with the gig are so freak’n cute! I’m on board, where’s the blue and gold Koolaid?



Avery has been called Little LT after the great Charger LaDainian Tomlinson for her straight arm abilities. You may not have yet had the pleasure to be the recipient of a munchky straight arm, but I must say, LT would be proud.

This little video is of the munchkin in her cheer-leading outfit demonstrating one of her favorite moves this month. Yes, the lovely toes in mouth and chorus line kick with the other leg. Love it!

Slobber Chin

Avery loves her some good story-time books. I just love watching how she is so interested in all the pages as we read through. Her fave is still “Let’s Go To The Beach”, but it’s getting a bit tattered from all the love. So next time you get a chance to visit, feel free to cuddle up and read Avery a book, she just loves it!

What else does she love this month, you ask?

Staring at people while they are eating.
Cooing, especially when she wakes up.
Arching her back to let you know she’s not happy.
Hair or beard pulling .
Sitting up in her bath all by herself and playing with ducky.
Nursing, stopping to smile, back to nursing, stop to smile, back to nursing.
Playing with anything BUT her toys while at a restaurant.


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