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The Ab-Fab 4 Months

Wow, another month gone by and how about some change?! Avery is changing, of course growing like a weed (or better yet, like a rose). I am back to work full time AND we started escrow on a condo in Encinitas. Work, kiddo, house all a change’n.  I have to say though, the transition has been pretty good. Why? Well, I have an awesome family. Like a totally, awesomely rad family, ok? Like totally.

Bedtime Story With Dad

Let’s Go To The Beach is one of  The Munchky’s favorite books to read. Salty the dog and his dad venture out the beach, go sailing and have a good ol’ time. What’s not to like? I’ve memorized the book and I’m sure it won’t be the last one, like it or not. Avery likes to soak up a good story but I can’t tell if she likes to eat the book and strategically schmear slobber onto every page even more.

The Grammies

And the award goes to… Oh! We have a tie! A big, big thank you to both Gammy-Suz and Grammy-T for watching the munchkin while Adam and I went to work through the month of August. There is nothing else that can put a mom and dad at ease than knowing that their little one is being taken care of by someone who loves her very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thanks again!

We also had a special cameo appearance by the one and only Mimi, Avery’s great grandma. She spent the week sharing babysitting duties with Grammy-T (or should I say Grammy-T had double duty, not sure? At least there were only one set of diapers to be changed).

Don’t the cousins look so sweet? I love how Avery is rock’n a fresh, yet timeless, thumb-slobber look in this picture.

Silly Uncle Jimmy






Happy Girl – What’s New?

This laughing video still has me laughing. I just love it. The way it all started is this; I was getting her ready to take a bath and she let out a giant fart, no biggy, it’s cool. I couldn’t help but laugh and say “oh, my goodness”. She laughed at me so I kept on saying it. Ten minutes later she is still cracking herself up about it, so I just had to get out the video and record some of it. Later I showed her the video and she still thought as funny. Imagine, here I am laughing at her laughing at a video of herself laughing at me. “Pure JOY” as Auntie Gina says. I dare you to watch just once, it can’t be done!


ARW – Miss Laughs A Lot

See all our YouTube Videos at our channel.

Chill’n With The Saints

Grammy-Suz took Avery on a trip to Julian and came back with this hilarious picture. And let it be known, Avery can only stand the car for 40 minutes, max, and that includes napping time. All have been warned. Thank you. That is all.

She also got to take another ride out to visit with her Mimi and Aunt Yo-ey. Congrats to Mimi who no longer has to scream to hear herself. It was so nice to hear her speak so softly. It was almost a little weird, but I’m so glad that she can be in our conversations again without having to include the entire restaurant.

Silly Face

Avery has got on another silly face, what’s new? Add that to the list of other things she can do now! As of this month she is rolling over, sucking her thumb, slobbering all over, one little tooth is threatening to poke through, she is sucking on her toes, sitting up, reaching for stuff,  belly laughing and making new noises. She also thinks it’s pretty funny to splash in her baffie and use a straight-arm during tummy time. She loves to keep her legs straight at all times for optimum “standies”.

She used to love getting swaddled up in a burrito for naps and going to bed, but no longer! Now she’s roll’n all over her crib at night. I was worried that if she weren’t swaddled she would wake up by hitting herself in the head with her hands or finding her fingers to suck on, but that really hasn’t been the case. Such a silly-billy.

Toes For Toys

What more could you ask for than built in toys?
I mean really.




Everyone Is So Tall

That’s what happens when you are a Walton, 3 months old and only 25-27 inches tall. Ok, so here are our monthly nickname-a-roos. We’ve got them down to a few staples: The Munchky, Binks, Monkey, Shoogie, and A-vee.



Preppy Pants

I recently had what my former boss and friend Hope Baker calls “a day”. Maybe the worst day in recent history. Yeah, it all started with a tired, hungry and due-for-a-manicure Avery poked me in the eye while nursing. Then this awful sore throat took over and I couldn’t speak breathe or see for a whole day. On top of it all, Avery didn’t want to nurse so much because she had been loving the bottle. No bueno. My darling husband is quite the hero and without whom I may have easily been committed. He took good care of us and put up with my grumpiness (and that’s putting it nicely). Well, the storm passed. I got some encouraging words and advice from my friends and family and everything is all good.

Anyhoo, back to this adorable picture. By the time I was feeling better I decided to take Avery out of the house for the day, give dad a break and go to the Botanical Gardens (of which we are now members cause Avery SURE loves being outside in nature). But first we needed an outfit. Um hello… we can’t go out to nature without the right outfit, duh! I tried some clothes that had been too big to fit her and wah-la, what a cutie! Thank you to daddy for stepping in as photographer and Uncle Travis for providing the look 🙂

Munchky & Mama

What a month full of change. I am back at work and we are in escrow. Oh yeah, escrow. Let me tell you a little about that. So, this is a super cute 3 bedroom, 21/2 bath condo in the Village Park area of Encinitas. If you’re not familiar with the area, it is full of large green belts, playgrounds, pools, schools and TONS of families. Adam and I are so excited to plant some roots here.

We’ll be about 31/2 miles from the beach off Encinitas Blvd. The property backs up to an elementary school, which doubles the feeling of home for me because I also grew up in a home right by my school. Now, escrow hasn’t closed yet, so we’ll be sure to tell you when we get the keys and you can come by to visit.


I’d like to say a special congratulations to a few folks. First, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Martin who recently tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Mission Bay. Some of you may remember the then Christie Brennan, fabulous bridesmaid and amazing friend who got engaged while in Maui for our wedding last year. I’m so happy for them and love them both!

Secondly, congrats to our bro and sis, Christopher and Gina who are now proud owners of their own abode in Rancho Santa Margarita (say that 3 times fast). I’m sure Livy is going to love growing up there and playing in her new room. We’ve already seen footage!


I’ve added a new page to The Walton Family bloggity blog. It is dedicated to the fine professionals with whom we have had the pleasure of doing business. Actually, they are awesome peeps who I’d recommend to ANYONE, so I’ve given them their own page. Check it out!


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