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Hi, we’re back! This month’s installment of everything Avery-Baby is full of cuteness and more cuteness, because you can never get enough cuteness. Go ahead, take a read through and if you like what you see leave us a *comment at the bottom of the page. I’m sure Avery will enjoy giving them a read through one day.  *Disclaimer – only cute comments will be accepted by the moderator. Non-cute comment makers need not waste their time.

Birth Certificate Party

This child is officially documented! Because Avery was born at home we missed out on the convenience of the hospital filing our paperwork with the state for us. We made a field trip out of this whole paperwork stuff though. Yup, we packed up the car and drove downtown to the county health office and met up with Andrea, our midwife. A few questions, signatures, ID’s and yadda yadda later, we were outta there with two copies of Cali’s finest swirly border adorned certificates (and yes, that is the technical term, what?!).

A few days later I took Avery to apply for her social security card and it dawned on me that, hell, I’m not even supposed to get any social security benefits by the time I retire thanks to whomever. What good is this number really going to be for Avery?

Beach Baby

Of course she’s a beach baby, who do you think her parents are? She didn’t get a pile of sand in her shorts or a mouthful of salt water yet. We’re saving that for later.




Tummy Time

Avery is getting stronger and much better at holding up that noggin of hers. This last month we practiced with lots of tummy time. She had been favoring her right side, often preferring to look over her right shoulder instead of straight ahead. When she sleeps, she tends to keep her head turned to the right, so much so, her little head (or not so little, depending on who you talk to) was getting flat on one side. I started taking Avery to see Dr. Bridget Chelf, D.C.  I met Dr. Chelf back during my babysitting RCB days. Oh and she’s goooooood. She got Avery loosened up and looking more easily to the left and that flat spot is just about all rounded out again. Yeah!

Bubble Lips

This month’s round of nicknames are greatly inspired by the previous month’s batch. Not to be confused with plain ol’ baby talk, nicknames on the contrary are taken fairly seriously in my family. Adam is known in many circles as “A-bones” and in even fewer circles and about 20 years ago, yours truly was known as “bug”.

Grandpa Callaway’s favorite for Avery is “Rose Bug”, but then again he is one of the select few in the “bug” circuit of nicknames joined only by his father who preferred the more silly “Tootie Bug” (Aunt Terri, you’ll have to correct me if I am wrong on that one).

  • THE Munchky
  • Binker Bo Binker
  • Bubble Lips
  • Slobber Face
  • My Loves
  • Cutie McCuter
  • Sugar Booger
  • Binky Miss Binks-a-lot
  • Miss Moo
  • Aaaaavery Baby

The Fantastic Four Great Granddaughters

Great Grandma Glo is blessed with the most adorable little great grand babies. Spearheading the group with more blond curls than you can shake a stick at is the sweet Juliet (aka Jet), age 3, and younger sis Kennedy, age 1. Third in line is the lovely and teething miss Olivia Marie, age 8 mos. And the sleeping, conked out child in 3G’s arms is our very own Avery Rose.

Thank you Julie Walton for throwing Uncle Bruce (aka Papa) such a nice birthday party. It was a great way to start out the month and hang out with friends and family.

World Cup Soccer Fan

Congrats to the US Woman’s National Soccer Team! This picture was taken during the “history-in-the-making” game of US vs Brazil. Auntie Natalie was beside herself, intently watching every pass, run, shot on goal and not to mention every dirty, good for nothing, plain ol’ poor sportsmanship trick Brazil could dish up. Avery on the other hand thought it was quite amusing, what a cutie smile. (Again, more cuteness.)

Seriously, an amazing world cup game! After the end-all-be-all of last second, buzzer beater scoring plays I told Adam that our next child was going to be named Abby and if its a boy; Wambach. We’ll call him Wamby for short.  If you missed the historic game and the ear shattering screams of victory seconds before all hope of a finals appearance was to be lost, then all I can say is ‘too bad about you’, really. Not cute.

Angel Bear Friend

Avery has about 50 angel bear friends thanks to some oh-so-cute baby shower decorations (thanks again Lori, aka Steppy). Some are carrying stars, some have hearts and others have their hands free. Some are large. Some are small. Some are in her crib to sing her to sleep. Others are in mommy’s purse for the occasional entertainment on the road.

Avery loves her angel bear friends. As of recent she has been staring at angel bear friend intently, pausing a moment and then face diving straight into him/her at an attempt to shove as much of bear friend in her mouth a possible. Again, (as uncle Jimmy’s facebook friend would say) cuteness overload.


She loves her some “standies”. You ain’t walk’n yet kid…. slow down this growing up stuff already! I love her so.

I am going to miss her dearly as August 1st marks the bitter-sweet return to work. Bitter of course because I love my munchky and want to spend all my time with her. Sweet because, hey, a sista’s gotta get paid! Our dream house ain’t buying itself if you know what I mean.



See all our Avery-riffic videos on our YouTube Channel.


Nap Time With Monkey

You guessed it, more cuteness. Avery loves her monkey-binky friend. She takes him everywhere the car seat goes. He comes in handy for naps, sucking, gumming, grabbing, shoving in mouth however possible, slobbering on and of course the oh-so-favorite nap time cuddles.  Cute , cute and more cute.


4th of July – Poolside with Daddy

Alright, now we’ve arrived at the height of cuteness. Avery can be seen here sporting the latest in summer trends with a striped terrycloth number perfect for poolside lounging, long walks on the beach and of course your favorite 4th of July shindig ( shindig sidenote – thank you Kris Avram and Auntie Natalie for having us over for an amazing view of the fireworks shows.) The darling white headpiece is both fashionable and practical as it nicely ties the ans amble together all while keeping your noodle safe from the rays of the sun. Daddy of course is sporting the oh-so-walton, yet modest, birthday suit – not recommended for mixed company.


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