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Another month has gone singing by and Avery and the Walton family have been enjoying every minute of it. Well, maybe except for the bat that came flying around in our bedroom the other night. Crafty little buggers they are! This month’s post on all things Avery is complete with tattoos, favorite nicknames, family outings and more. Might I suggest you read through with a cool frosty beverage in one hand and mouse in the other?


Daddy’s New Tattoo

Daddy's Tattoo“Uh yeah, I’m going to be a little late coming home from work, so I just wanted to call and let you know”. This is how our phone conversation started, quite nonchalant and nothing really special sounding. Could it be that they are busy at work and he has to stay late? Could it be that he needed to give a friend a ride home after work? Anything somewhat normal happening after work? Nope! “I’m getting a tattoo”. Not something you hear everyday, so it was only after I recovered from the shock that was I excited about seeing the final product.

The rose of course is for Avery Rose with Avery’s initial at the top and her cousin’s initial “O” at the stem for Olivia. It’s such an awesome tat, but it begs the question… what about all the yet to be born kiddos? Auntie Bre threatens 10 kids just to fill up his arm. J Wessell says that Adam should just hit the gym and get super yolked to make room. I’m down! Spoken like a true first born, Adam explains it very clearly “Just the first two girls go on this arm”. Clearly, because that makes sense… or not.  The plan is to later take the girls into the shop so they can watch dad/uncle get their entire names etched out in ink. Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Uncles & Nieces

Uncles and NiecesFamily is really what it’s all about. In this picture Adam is holding little Olivia and Chris is holding our little Avery.

For father’s day Avery got her daddy one of his favorite presents; a Best Buy gift card. How’d she know?

Congrats to the two new daddies. I hope your first-ever father’s day was something special.

‘ssage ‘n baffies

Short for “massage and bath time”, this is one of Avery’s favorite daily events! We took an infant massage class with our midwife, Andrea and three other very nice mommies and their babies.

We got together once a week for three weeks and learned massage-y steps and chit chatted and visited. It was a nice time and Avery sure loved the massage part. Visiting with her friends wasn’t as exciting for her yet as it was for me.

It’s so cute because no matter how fussy Avery may be, when she knows a massage is coming up she gets smiley. Who wouldn’t!?! I’d love to take a soak and get a massage every night too!

Aloha Nui Loa

Hawaii is on the brain! It was about this time last year that Adam and I were getting all jazzed up and ready for the big trip to Maui to get married.

Now summer is here again and we have yet to buy our next set of tickets to Maui land. It’s coming soon, don’t fret. This going to Maui business is a yearly family tradition.

Studying Uncle Jimmy

We visited many a family member this month. In fact we ventured out in the car on longer drives than I thought Avery would be up for. Although she is not a fan of the car seat, once she hears those wheels a roll’n on the freeway, she’s out like a light.

We drove out to see Mimi and Nani in Moreno Valley and also Grandpa Callaway up in Orange County for Father’s Day. Also, spent one day with grandma Suz watching cousin Livy and of course we ventured out to see Uncle Jimmy and Grandma Mom Mom for dinner one night too.


This month Avery has discovered her hands and yes, how yummy they are! She’s also getting a lot stronger, starting to hold her head up and practicing her tummy time every day is helping.  She is cooing too which is so cool because her little voice is so cute. “Ahgoo” is her fav.

What else? Oh, yeah, because every parent talks about their child’s bowel movements and far be it from me to skip out on the fun, Avery is a weekly pooper. Yup, pretty much Wednesdays are the big production.

Aside from Avery pooper fun, how great it is to have a summer this year that is actually warm and sunny? Seemed like last year never really got very warm or sunny. All I can say is “bring on the sunscreen”!


Dreamy Smiles

One of the many stages of Avery’s falling asleep routine includes a sleepy smile. Yup, just as she first fades away into sleepyville she’ll get to smile’n. Sometimes she even shows her gums. I happened to be pointing my camera at her as she was falling asleep and caught one on film. Yeah, I know. I am totally a first time mom ready at the drop of a dirty diaper to capture a kodak moment.

This video of kodak moments is one of my favorites of  Avery at just 5 1/2 weeks old. Between her smiles and big eye balls, it seems like she is really having a conversation with me. For all our other Avery video moments check out our YouTube Channel.

Nap Time With Grandma Suz

I think the picture says it all… what a couple of sacks ‘a potatoes!




Family Night Out – Music and Dinner in Carlsbad

We had a great first dinner out as a family at the Coyote Bar & Grill in Carlsbad Village. They have live music and fire pits outside. We met up with a bunch of friends and chowed down on some great fajitas. Between Auntie Phyllis, Bobbi Cecio, Jennifer Blackman, Jen Sanders, Julie and Susie, we didn’t have to worry about eating in shifts or scarfing down a cold plate of dinner. Good times!

All Smiles

What a face! No matter what face little miss Avery is making, it seems like I’ve got all kinds of nicknames to call her. Some of my favorites this month:

  • Bunches of Munchkins
  • Munchky Roo
  • Snooze-a-rooky
  • Testy McFussbuckets
  • Avery Jones Bones
  • Bubble Lips
  • Avery Pantalones
  • Aves
  • Squeaker McSqueaksalot

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